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Operation in Bizkaia reveals pet store with illegal sales

Mairenis Gomez

February 20, 2024 | 8:29 a.m.

Species trafficking and fake veterinarians discovered

A joint operation with the Ertzaintza and the Civil Guard has culminated in the conviction of the person responsible for a recognized pet Shop in Biscay. This case is not only a story about justice reaching those who operate outside the law, but also a wake-up call about the importance of protecting endangered species and ensuring animal welfare. The operation uncovered a network where protected species were trafficked and veterinary medicine was illegally practiced, putting at risk risk the health of countless animals.

The impact of documentary falsification and professional intrusion on animal health

The plot discovered goes beyond the illegal sale of protected animals. A blatant abuse of public trust and a serious risk to animal health have been evident. The fake veterinarians, protected by the identity of legitimate professionals, one of them already deceased, handled medications and performed treatments without the slightest qualification. This practice is not only a crime of professional intrusion. But it also constitutes a direct danger to the life and well-being of the animals cared for.

The threat to protected species and the importance of the CITES convention

One of the most alarming findings of this operation was the sale of endangered species. These animals, whose commercialization is strictly regulated by the CITES agreement, were for sale without any documentation to support their legality. This fact not only constitutes a crime against biodiversity but also underlines the urgency of greater awareness and collective action to protect endangered species.

A call for citizen conscience and collective responsibility

This case reminds us of the importance of surveillance and citizen reporting against illegal practices that affect both fauna and flora. The collaboration between the Ertzaintza and the Civil Guard has been key to revealing these criminal activities, demonstrating the effectiveness of inter-institutional cooperation in environmental protection and animal welfare. This event should serve as an example to encourage greater collective responsibility in the conservation of our natural heritage and respect for life in all its forms.

Bizkaia animal store operation
. The Ertzaintza and the Civil Guard have uncovered a network of trafficking of protected species and the illegal practice of veterinary medicine

A step towards justice and environmental protection

Undoubtedly, The operation carried out at the renowned pet store in Bizkaia is not only a legal victory against species trafficking and the illegal practice of veterinary medicine. It is, above all, a reminder that the fight for environmental justice and animal welfare requires the constant commitment of authorities and society. This case, far from being an isolated event, invites us to reflect on our actions and their impact on the world around us. Underscoring the importance of acting with integrity and respect for all forms of life.

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