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Osakidetza announces the largest call for MIR positions in its history

Osakidetza announces the largest call for MIR positions in its history

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 19, 2024 | 8:40 a.m.

566 new opportunities to train young residents in the Basque health system

Osakidetza will offer a total of 566 training places for young residents for the next academic year. There are 38 more than the 2023-2024 academic year, which makes it the largest offer in the entire history of the Basque health service. This is a measure intended to alleviate the shortage of professionals and guarantee the replacement of doctors who are close to retirement.

Osakidetza announces the largest call for MIR positions in its history

Osakidetza emphasizes the need to strengthen the Primary Care system, one of the priorities of the Health Department of the Basque Government. In fact, a third of the total supply is related to Primary Care. As with last year, the highest number of places allowed by law have been offered, 115, in specialties linked to Family and Community Medicine, and 29 in Pediatrics, which represents an increase of 53% in the places offered in the last decade in the first case and 61% in the second.

Strengthening Primary Care for better service

Not only are the places increasing to cover the needs of Primary Care, but in the last 10 years, The training offer for young residents in general has grown in Euskadi by 84%. A growth in positions sustained over time that, according to the Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, is essential to be able to "guarantee the training of young people who will replace professionals on the verge of retirement, a key aspect in order to continue adapting the health system to the challenges of an increasingly aging society with more chronic diseases and dependency.

427 new MIRs: the commitment to specialized training

If we look at the categories offered, 427 correspond to positions for MIR doctors in all their specialties, 114 to EIR nursing training positions, 14 for clinical psychology professionals, another 10 for hospital pharmacy, and a single place for the new category of hospital radiophysics.

The young residents will be trained in the 15 accredited teaching centers of the Osakidetza network. Of the 566 places, 108 are offered in Araba, 308 in Bizkaia and 150 in Gipuzkoa. This distribution allows specialized training to reach all Basque provinces, strengthening the health system as a whole.

A commitment to the future of Basque public health

It should be noted that most of the professionals who will be trained at the Osakidetza centers will stay to practice in Basque public health, since Osakidetza hired 76,57% of the doctors and 74,3% of the nurses who completed their training last year. This talent retention is crucial to ensure the quality of the healthcare system in the future.

This historic call for places for young residents in Osakidetza not only responds to the need to fill vacancies and face retirements, but also represents a firm commitment to the future of Basque public health. With a constant increase in training offerings and a focus on critical areas such as Primary Care, Osakidetza continues to demonstrate its commitment to the excellence and sustainability of its health system.

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