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Otegi explains his resignation

Otegi will not be a candidate in 2024, EH Bildu begins the search

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 27, 2023 | 2:36 pm

Arnaldo Otegi, historical leader of EH Bildu, announces his resignation from participation as a candidate in the next 2024 elections, marking a turning point in the basque politics. With a political career that has gone through moments of great relevance in the political panorama of the Basque Country, Otegi makes it clear that his influence and leadership will continue within the sovereigntist formation.

Otegi's legacy and the challenge for EH Bildu

Otegi, with a political past that includes candidacies in 1998 and 2001 against Juan José Ibarretxe, and notable presences despite restrictions in 2012, 2016 and 2020, leaves a legacy of struggle and perseverance. Although he will not be a candidate, his role as a leader does not diminish. He states with certainty: “I am still here”, guaranteeing his continued commitment to EH Bildu, a conglomerate that integrates Sortu, EA, Alternatiba and other independents.

The decision to resign, according to otegi, is not recent but meditated “for a long time” and is based on prioritizing the country's interests over personal ones. He highlights that EH Bildu seeks to transcend the borders of the “three provinces”, focusing his gaze also on Navarra and the lands of the “French State”.

Basque politics, in the words of Otegi, is in a “change of cycle”, where the pro-independence left shows “sustained growth.” The vision of EH Bildu, according to its leader, increasingly reflects the values ​​of Basque society, which represents an opportunity and a challenge for the coalition.

The search for new leadership at EH Bildu

Ante the absence of Otegi as headliner, EH Bildu now faces the challenge of finding a new leader who can provide continuity and renewal to the training. In previous elections, figures such as Laura Mintegi and Maddalen Iriarte have taken on this role, but the coalition is now looking for a new voice that can represent the ideals and aspirations of the movement.

The selection process promises to be meticulous and thoughtful, without rushing, seeking to get a crucial decision right for the future of EH Bildu. Otegi emphasizes the importance of this moment, pointing out that the election of a new leader is not only relevant for the formation, but for the general political landscape of the Basque Country.

In his analysis of the political scenario, Otegi criticizes the PNV, questioning their strategies and the recent election of Imanol Pradales. The key, according to Otegi, will be to see if the nationalists will modify their policies and alliances in response to changes in the political landscape.

In summary, Otegi's resignation from being a candidate is not the end of his influence in Basque politics, but rather a change in the focus of his leadership. EH Bildu, now looking for a new figure to head the coalition, is preparing to face a period of transition and renewal, maintaining its principles and aspirations for political change in Euskadi.

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