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The Platform for pensioners of Bizkaia warns of the drop in pensions with PPVox

Maria Jose Gonzalez

June 8, 2023 | 11:02 a.m.

The Pensioners Platform in Bizkaia calls for the polls, emphasizing the importance of maintain and improve social advances achieved, an action aimed mainly at parties that have supported progressive measures.

Measures of progress in the spotlight

Among the measures highlighted by the Platform are the labor reform, the increase in the minimum wage and the revaluation of pensions, which have significantly benefited the working class and pensioners. These initiatives, however, are in the crosshairs of the most conservative sectors, which the Platform describes as "wolves" always at the service of the financial powers.

"We ask citizens to consider the possibility of continuing to fight for their rights", says the Platform. The risk is not only the loss of progress achieved, but also a possible setback in rights and freedoms if the vote is not exercised responsibly.

The call to the polls

The Platform also makes a call to action: "On July 23 we have to go vote, staying at home hurts us". They stress that it is the humble people who often go to the polls, renouncing to defend their rights. Instead, "the rich never abstain", that is why mobilization is crucial to maintain and protect the social advances achieved.

Demands and continuous mobilization

In addition to its call to vote, the Pensioners Platform establishes its priority demands:

  • Minimum pension equal to minimum wage, which is currently €1080
  • Reduction of the gender gap in pensions
  • No more tax benefits for private pension plans (EPSV in Euskadi), financed with public money

"Whoever governs pensions and everything public defend themselves!" reiterates the Platform. In addition, they announce that they will return to Herriko Plaza on June 14, 2023 at 12:00 to continue their fight in defense of the public pension system.

This call to action highlights that the fight for rights and freedoms does not end at the ballot box. It requires constant mobilization and effort to preserve and improve public systems that benefit everyone, but especially the most disadvantaged. The Bizkaia Pensioners Platform will not back down, and they ask citizens to do the same.

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