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PNV and PSE consolidate their support and elect Imanol Pradales as lehendakari

PNV and PSE consolidate their support and elect Imanol Pradales as lehendakari

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 21, 2024 | 11:00 a.m.

Imanol Pradales is now a new link in the institutional chain of Euskadi, projecting an image of ambition and social response

Imanol Pradales, after being sworn in as Lehendakari in the Basque Parliament with the absolute majority of PNV and PSE, presented his main proposals with concrete figures, focused on housing, birth rates and Osakidetza. In the absence of his taking possession in Gernika, Pradales was ambitious, seeking to respond to social demands and reconnect with citizens after the pandemic and inflation.

Imanol Pradales, new Lehendakari of the Basque Country, presents ambitious proposals in housing, birth rates and health, seeking stability and social agreements.

Pradales announced an Investment Plan until 2030, with more than one billion euros to modernize and expand the hospital system and outpatient clinics. Places will also be implemented in public job offers for healthcare personnel and the necessary ones will be called to guarantee the sufficiency of the workforce, thus addressing one of the most urgent social debates.

Pradales investment plan and social proposals until 2030

Regarding housing, a line of guarantees was confirmed to complete loans and help pay rental deposits for vulnerable people. 7.000 social and affordable rental homes will be built, and 3.000 new homes will be generated on a rotating basis. in collaboration with city councils. In addition, 50% of protected housing will be reserved for those under 36 years of age, raising the individual annual income limit to access programs such as Emantzipa and Gaztelagun up to 30.000 euros.

Pradales also announced the extension of monthly aid per child up to 7 years old, or 10 in cases of large and single-parent families, and the extension of maternity and paternity leave up to 24 weeks. All this within the framework of a commitment to broad agreements.

Agreements and new proposals in health and education

In his speech, Pradales emphasized the need for stability and agreement in Euskadi, offering his hand to the opposition and civil society to renew the social pact. He insisted on the search for a "new well-being, a global and humanist Euskadi". He proposed a great pact for the health system to reduce waiting times and operating lists, with a crash plan in primary care.

In education, he defended a social pact against segregation and the development of a multilingual framework with Basque as the axis. He also proposed an agreement for a new care model and the modernization of Ertzaintza tools, in addition to creating investment funds for infrastructure and industry, including public and EPSV contributions.

Pradales appealed to social dialogue to reduce the wage gap, thus demonstrating his intention to lead Euskadi with emotional sensitivity and closeness, responding to the demands of citizens and promoting an ambitious and stable future for the region.

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