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PNV and PSE-EE move towards a new statutory pact before 2025

Mairenis Gomez

June 11, 2024 | 8:00 pm

The PNV and the PSE-EE have taken a significant step towards the creation of a new statutory pact in Euskadi

Ortuzar assures that with will a new statutory agreement could be reached in Euskadi before the end of 2025. According to president of the EBB of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, this process should not neglect the transfer of pending transfers and, with the absence of upcoming electoral processes, it is time to accelerate. The future pact between PNV and PSE-EE has advanced significantly and is included in the programmatic pre-agreement to reissue the Basque coalition government.

The role of pre-agreement and collaboration between parties

The Jeltzale leader highlights the importance of the investiture agreement signed with Pedro Sánchez in 2023. This pact has been crucial to reaching the current compromise. Ortuzar explains that now the circle is closed and a commitment previously articulated in the investiture pact is brought to Euskadi. The pre-agreement between PNV and PSE-EE, recently announced, commits both parties to approving a new statutory pact. Each group will present its individual proposal, maintaining its particular vision of the future of Euskadi.

In my opinion, this stage is essential to establish the necessary framework and context for self-government reform. Despite the pending commitments in Madrid, the negotiations to form the Basque Executive are progressing well. Jeltzales and socialists share 70% of the programmatic commitments, although differences persist on issues such as self-government, housing and health.

Ortuzar highlights the importance of the pre-agreement and the future vision of Euskadi

For his part, Ortuzar has detailed that in the pre-agreement between his party and the PSE-EE, both commit to giving the green light to a new statutory pact.. He clarified in an interview on Radio Euskadi that each group will first present its own proposal. It seems fair to me that each party maintains its spirit of how it sees the Euskadi of the future.

For the Jeltzale leader, the signed document establishes a roadmap on the path to achieving a statutory pact. It is essential to establish the framework and context in which this new status, this new statutory pact to reform the current self-government can be carried out. Without neglecting that we must end the transfer process and the transfers in the competitions that have not yet been done.

The importance of pending transfers

Ortuzar emphasizes the need to accelerate the negotiation process to comply with pending transfers before discussing the new statutory pact. It is essential that the Basque Government takes charge of these transfers, since without complying with the first agreement, it makes no sense to talk about a new one. The intention is that the statutory framework has the maximum possible consensus, including groups such as EH Bildu and Sumar. However, it is difficult to achieve a broad consensus with the PP due to its current position.

Furthermore, the president of the EBB of the PNV has highlighted the good progress of the latest negotiations and conversations for the formation of the Basque Executive. As he stressed, when confronting the programs to reissue a Government agreement, Jeltzales and socialists confirmed that they shared 70% of the commitments. The issues that have the most edges, he has recognized, are issues related to self-government, housing or health.

Ortuzar emphasizes the need for perfection and speed in negotiations

Likewise, the president of the EBB has insisted, however, that these differences are due to the fact that each person wants to refine more and be more perfectionist. We are very happy. We started with a lot of ambition and I think it will be a program that will attract attention, Ortuzar summarized. Asked about the pending transfers, the Jeltzale leader stressed that the negotiation process must be put at full speed so that these reach Euskadi before the new statutory pact begins to be discussed.

It would make no sense to talk about a new pact without fulfilling the first, he insisted. The issue of the transfer of transfers will technically correspond to the Basque Government, Ortuzar has emphasized, and now we must accelerate. The president of the EBB of the PNV has ended by highlighting that his desire is for the statutory framework to have the maximum consensus. The two parties, the PSOE, in its double aspect, from Madrid and Euskadi, and the PNV will also have to open a dialogue on the statutory framework, also open to the rest of the country's political forces, because our idea is that of both, is that the new statutory pact has the maximum consensus and the maximum possible openness, he indicated.

Ortuzar assures that with will a new statutory agreement could be reached in Euskadi before the end of 2025.

Inclusion of new formations and the importance of political collaboration

Without a doubt, the intention, as Ortuzar has stated, is that this statutory pact includes formations such as EH Bildu and Sumar, since it is difficult for the consensus to extend to the PP given its current drift. The commitment of the PNV and PSE-EE to work together on this new statutory pact is a significant step towards a Euskadi with renewed and robust self-government. Collaboration and political will are crucial to achieve these goals before the end of 2025.

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