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PNV and PSE reach a preliminary government programmatic agreement

Jesus Carames

June 10, 2024 | 9:42 pm

Agreement for a global Euskadi

The Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and the Socialist Party of Euskadi (PSE) have finally reached a preliminary programmatic agreement whose objective is «advance in well-being, progress, self-government and transformation of a global Euskadi». This agreement completely puts the investiture of Jeltzale Imanol Pradales as Lehendakari next Thursday on track, and its contents have been approved by the executives of both parties.

Initial phase and distribution of responsibilities

The partners of the next Executive of Imanol Pradales have decided to leave for a second phase the government pact that will include the distribution of responsibilities in Lakua. This pre-agreement represents an important step in the collaboration between both political formations, ensuring a solid basis for the future governance of Euskadi.

The main objective of the pre-agreement is to ensure the well-being and progress of the community, while reinforcing self-government capacities and promoting the transformation of Euskadi towards a global level. This approach seeks not only to improve the quality of life of Basque citizens, but also to position Euskadi as a benchmark in innovation and sustainable development at an international level.

Next steps

With the approval of the pre-agreement by the executives of the PNV and the PSE, the way is paved for the investiture of Imanol Pradales as lehendakari. The collaboration between both parties promises a stable government aimed at meeting the objectives set out in the programmatic pre-agreement.

The next step will be the preparation of the final government pact, which will detail the specific responsibilities of each party in the Basque Executive. This process will include additional negotiations to clearly define the management areas and ensure that both formations contribute effectively to the administration of Euskadi.

This agreement between PNV and PSE underlines the importance of political cooperation to achieve common goals and face the current and future challenges of the Basque community.

Bases of the agreement

Without a defined distribution of portfolios, the document focuses on the purely programmatic through five axes under the following titles: 'People at the center', 'Growth and well-being model', 'Energy transformation and sustainability', 'Coexistence, Memory and Human Rights' y 'Grow in self-government'. These are the main objectives to be achieved and the priorities in the roadmap for this.

The people in the center

Both trainings establish the following objectives in this axis:

  • Guarantee equal opportunities and results for all people.
  • Reduce inequalities in the level of well-being that exist in society.
  • Promote a new care model.
  • Analyze conciliation measures that allow people to fully develop their personal, family and work lives.
  • Increase youth emancipation rates and reduce their average age.
  • Develop the intergenerational perspective and cohesion between generations, seeking a better balance of wealth between generations.
  • Promote the development of people and communities to guarantee a global level of quality of life and provision of public services in parameters of excellence.
  • Establish real and effective equality between women and men as a strategic and transversal axis in all public policies.

And they mark these priorities as a roadmap:

  • Health: Guarantee universal, dimensioned and top-quality public healthcare in the Basque Country, turning our public health system into a European reference.
  • Social Services: Advance transversal, intersectional social policies with a comprehensive and coordinated perspective to leave no one behind. Agree on a Country Pact for Care to promote the new care model.
  • Housing: Promote the necessary initiatives to improve access to housing, especially among youth.
  • Education: Guarantee of equality and cohesion. Establish the public school as a reference that guarantees universal access to education. Develop the Education Law, which responds to the educational pact reached in April 2022.
  • Security: Establish this fundamental pillar for the well-being, stability and progress of our society.
  • Basque: Objective: “edonon, edonoiz”. Promote the increase in its use in all areas of life.
  • Culture: Support creative people, artists and cultural professionals, to promote cultural creation and production in Euskadi.
  • Youth: Support young people so that they can start a new life project when they deem it appropriate and promote their emancipation.
  • Demographic Challenge: Effective development of the Basque 2030 Strategy for the Demographic Challenge.

Growth and well-being model

Both trainings establish the following objectives in this axis:

  • Reindustrialize Euskadi taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the new economy.
  • Promote an economic growth model that generates equitable wealth and quality jobs.
  • Promote sustainability as an element of differentiation and competitiveness for companies, industries and economic sectors.
  • Protect the first sector as a key and differentiating element of our economy and a factor of territorial balance.

And they mark these priorities as a roadmap:

  • Quality employment and talent management: Advance the priority objective of achieving quality, inclusive jobs based on equality to build a more advanced and cohesive society.
  • Industry: Direct the reindustrialization of Euskadi towards sustainable competitiveness.
  • Innovation: Consolidate Euskadi as a European innovation hub, contributing to economic growth and well-being.
  • Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence: Promote the development of Euskadi as an open and intelligent territory, guaranteeing intelligent and ethical data management.
  • Infrastructure: Continue creating infrastructure that helps improve our quality of life, structuring, cohesion and territorial competitiveness, as well as inclusive and sustainable socioeconomic development.
  • First Sector and Fishing: Guarantee the future of this strategic sustainable and healthier local sector.
  • Commerce and Hospitality: Continue promoting these economic sectors as engines of development and distribution of wealth.

Energy transformation and sustainability

Both trainings establish the following objectives in this axis:

  • Preserve the environment and turn Euskadi into a fundamental agent in the fight against climate change.
  • Lead the energy transition processes and fight against climate change.
  • Develop the full potential of the recently approved Energy Transition and Climate Change Law.
  • Improve the main environmental indicators, both in relation to the quality of water, soil and air.
  • Guarantee an orderly and fair transition, in collaboration with the industrial, technological and energy sector.
  • Promote the circular economy as a fundamental element to reduce the consumption of raw materials and fight climate change.
  • Apply circularity tools in companies, reduce CO2 emissions linked to climate change and minimize waste that ends up in landfills.
  • Focus on the city already built to avoid new expansions that increase the artificialization of the territory.

And they mark these priorities as a roadmap:

  • Energy Transition: Move firmly towards carbon neutrality and increasing the energy autonomy of the Basque Country.
  • Environment: Promote an advanced and innovative environmental policy for the defense of the environment and the promotion of ecological values ​​and the defense of biodiversity.
  • Sustainable Transport: Accessible and comprehensive public transport, the backbone of the territory and that promotes sustainable mobility.
  • Circular Economy: A circular economy model with green jobs and innovation, to improve the competitiveness and sustainable growth of Euskadi.
  • Regeneration and Urban Agenda: Promote the Urban Agenda of Euskadi Bultzatu 2050. Promote urban regeneration and innovation in housing to increase the quality of life and sustainability.
  • Agenda 2030: Develop the Basque commitment to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Advance preferential collaboration with the United Nations 2030 Local Coalition.

Coexistence, Memory and Human Rights

Both trainings establish the following objectives in this axis:

  • Promote peace, justice and well-being for all people.
  • Eradicate the social acceptance of violence as a means to resolve conflicts or impose ideas.
  • Promote respect for human dignity, equal rights and opportunities, justice and solidarity.
  • Fight against sexist violence.
  • Defend, through dialogue and agreement with social agents and political representatives, equality and LGTBIQ+ diversity to build a more just society.

And they mark these priorities as a roadmap:

  • Gender Equality: Equality between women and men in the Basque Country, as a priority and unquestionable country objective in our society.
  • LGTBIQ+ Rights: Defense of LGTBIQ+ equality and diversity.
  • Coexistence and Human Rights: Continue promoting a critical memory of the past, both historical and recent, and promote a social and political culture of respect for human rights.
  • Cooperation for Development: Commitment to international solidarity.

Grow in self-government

Both trainings establish the following objectives in this axis:

  • Complete the transfer to Euskadi of recognized self-government.
  • Negotiate and approve, both in Euskadi and with the State, future self-government.

And they mark these priorities as a roadmap:

  • Self-government: Defense of self-government achieved and transfer of recognized self-government pending transfer.
  • New Statutory Pact: Express our commitment to reaching an agreement that is as broad as possible, both within the Basque institutions and in the Cortes Generales, to be subsequently ratified by the Basque people.
  • Euskadi Global: Promote and boost Basque interests in Europe and the world to take advantage of the future opportunities presented by the internationalization of Euskadi.

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