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PNV and PSE seal an agreement to make Osakidetza a European reference

Mairenis Gomez

June 11, 2024 | 6:30 pm

This pact, which lays the foundations for the investiture of Imanol Pradales as Lehendakari, seeks to improve the quality of life of citizens and strengthen business progress in Euskadi

PNV and PSE have sealed a pre-agreement programmatic that seeks to transform Euskadi in terms of well-being, progress and self-government. This pact paves the way for the investiture of Imanol Pradales as lehendakari. The main objectives of the agreement include improving the quality of life of citizens and promoting the progress of Basque companies. This eleven-page document is not the government program, but rather a basis for developing it in the future.

The pre-agreement includes social policies and a new model for Osakidetza

The situation in Osakidetza, the Basque health system, has been a topic of debate due to tension in health centers and staff shortages. The agreement proposes a new healthcare model that seeks to position Osakidetza as a benchmark in Europe. In the area of ​​self-government, a new statutory pact is mentioned that incorporates elements of the agreement between the PNV and the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez. This pact includes the negotiation of the national recognition of Euskadi and the protection of powers.

The priorities of the pact include health, housing, education and employment

The agreement puts people at the center of its policies, highlighting the importance of cutting-edge public services. Among the priorities are guaranteeing quality public health, improving access to housing, establishing a universal public school and promoting the use of Basque. In addition, it seeks to promote decarbonization, reindustrialize Euskadi and create quality jobs. Gender equality and support for Basque culture are also emphasized.

The energy transition and historical memory are axes of the agreement

The pact defends an orderly and coordinated energy transition that does not put the future of the industry at risk. Regarding coexistence and historical memory, the aim is to eradicate the social acceptance of violence and promote critical memory. This includes comprehensive recognition of all victims and the delegitimization of violence. This point has been a crucial aspect for the PSE, especially in relation to the nationalist left.

Self-government and collaboration with the opposition are also key to the pact

The agreement is committed to full compliance with the Statute of Gernika and the creation of a new statutory pact through negotiation and consensus in the Basque Parliament. PNV and PSE also seek the involvement of social, union, business and political organizations in the development of these policies, despite its absolute majority in the Basque Parliament.

PNV and PSE agree to turn Osakidetza into a European benchmark

The structure of the future coalition government will be defined soon

The distribution of responsibilities in the next coalition government has not yet been finalized. It is expected that the current macro councils will be divided to allow a greater share of responsibility for the PSE. This party has expressed interest in retaining the Housing portfolio and possibly taking on social policies. The final structure of the government team will be designed by Imanol Pradales to comply with the agreed program.

Without a doubt, the pre-agreement between PNV and PSE represents a significant step towards governability and progress in Euskadi, with a clear focus on the well-being of citizens and the transformation of the region into a European benchmark in various areas.

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