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PNV clashes with Bildu at the first opportunity

Jesus Carames

May 15, 2024 | 11:05 a.m.

The leader of EH Bildu in the Basque Parliament, Pello Otxandiano, announced this Wednesday his intention to take the initiative and establish a dialogue with the candidate for lehendakari of the PNV, Imanol Pradales, the general secretary of the PSE, Eneko Andueza, and the left confederal. The objective is to agree on "a solid country project" that faces the social challenges of the next decade. Otxandiano has emphasized the need to cooperate and has warned Jeltzales and socialists that they cannot form a Government without dialogue with EH Bildu and then expect it to "assume those mortgages."

EH Bildu advocates for an inclusive dialogue to define the future of the Basque Country

In an interview with Radio Euskadi, Pello Otxandiano stressed that, after the constitution of the Basque Parliament, the next crucial step is the formation of the Government. According to Otxandiano, this is the right time for political parties to discuss the necessary country project for the next decade. "It is important to have a medium and long-term vision, because the social challenges we face are enormous and this requires a solid country project," has highlighted.

EH Bildu proposes an approach based on cooperation and open and transparent dialogue with citizens. "The time to make way for cooperation is now," Otxandiano has insisted, underlining the importance of defining how the country sees itself, what the challenges are and what the government program is necessary to face them.

Criticism of the exclusive negotiation between PNV and PSE

Otxandiano has criticized the negotiations between PNV and PSE, describing them as "private, exclusive and exclusive conversations", although he recognizes that they are absolutely legitimate. "We do not know what parameters are being given to give rise to a Government," has commented, reiterating that the time for cooperation and dialogue is now.

The leader of EH Bildu has indicated that it is not valid to form a Government and then demand that the opposition assume the decisions made without their participation. "The time for cooperation is now, and we have the opportunity to do so," has reiterated, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach in Basque politics.

A call for transparency and cooperation

Otxandiano has called on the parties to take advantage of this opportunity to engage in dialogue that is inclusive and transparent. "It is time to raise how we see the country, what the challenges are and what the government program we need to address that," it is finished.

This position of EH Bildu reflects a desire to actively participate in defining the future of the Basque Country, seeking a broad consensus that includes all political forces and that responds to the needs and challenges of Basque society. Otxandiano's proposal is a reminder of the importance of cooperation and dialogue in building a solid and sustainable country project.

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