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PNV will lead Health, Education, Security and Finance in the new Basque Government

Mairenis Gomez

June 14, 2024 | 3:49 pm

This decision, the result of the recent coalition agreement with the Socialist Party of Euskadi-Euskadiko Ezkerra (PSE-EE), ensures continuity in the administration of these areas

In the recent coalition between the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and the Socialist Party of Euskadi-Euskadiko Ezkerra (PSE-EE), it has been confirmed that the PNV will continue managing the Health, Education, Security and Finance portfolios in the next Basque Government. This agreement, the result of intense negotiations, ensures the continuity of the management of these critical areas that have been the responsibility of the PNV in recent years.

Confirmation of portfolios and possible divisions into macro departments

It has been revealed that the PSE-EE will continue to lead the Labor, Transport and Tourism portfolios. As reported by EITB, the exact composition of the new executive will be officially announced on June 22 during the inauguration of the new president, Imanol Padrales. This date will mark a turning point, as important details are expected to be announced about the people who will be part of the Basque Government and how the new portfolios will be structured.

Eneko Andueza, leader of the Basque socialists, has suggested that some of the current macro-departments, such as Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, or Equality, Justice and Social Policies, They could be divided into several more specific portfolios. This change seeks to improve management and attention to key areas for Basque society, although the details of this reorganization still need to be finalized.

New faces in the Basque Government: an expected renewal

Furthermore, the new Basque Government will have many new faces, since prominent figures such as the socialists Idoia Mendia (recently elected MEP) and Iñaki Arriola, as well as the Jeltzales Josu Erkoreka, Pedro Azpiazu and Arantxa Tapia, They will not continue in their roles as sailburus. This renewal brings with it a fresh air and the promise of new perspectives in the Basque administration.

Even the decision to maintain the management of Health, Education, Security and Finance under the PNV responds to a continuity strategy that aims to consolidate the progress made in these sectors during the last four years. These areas are crucial for the well-being and development of the community, and their management requires in-depth experience and knowledge that the PNV has proven to have.

In the next Basque Government, it has been confirmed that the PNV will maintain the management of Health, Education, Security and Finance

Impact on Basque society and future expectations

The formation of this new coalition government between the PNV and the PSE-EE not only reinforces a solid political alliance, but also raises great expectations for Basque society. The continuity in the portfolios managed by the PNV ensures a line of work consistent with the policies implemented in recent years, while the renewal in other areas promises innovation and improvements in public management.

Ultimately, The next Basque Government is emerging as an administration balanced between experience and renewal, with a clear commitment to sustainable development, social justice and the well-being of its citizens. The continuity of the PNV in Health, Education, Security and Finance guarantees stability in these fundamental sectors, while the new composition of the executive will provide new ideas and energies to face future challenges

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