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Poisoned dogs in Basauri

Mairenis Gomez

June 14, 2024 | 3:10 pm

Concern in Basauri over the death of dogs after eating suspected poisoned food

The concern in Basauri has reached alarming levels after, in recent days, at least five dogs have died after allegedly eating poisoned food. The affected areas include Bizkotxalde and the area behind the football field on Soloarte Street. Although The City Council claims to have no complaints formalities, the community is dismayed.

Coordination between the City Council and the Municipal Police in response to the alarm

The City Council indicates that, although there are no official complaints, they have coordinated with the Municipal Police to "analyze" the situation. This coordination seeks to guarantee the safety of the animals and reassure neighbors who fear for their pets. The residents of Basauri are extremely worried and some avoid letting their dogs loose for fear of them ingesting poison.

The Animal Pro-Life Association-Aprova has asked the City Council to issue a statement warning of the danger and reminding of the legal consequences for those responsible for these acts. According to the Penal Code, the use of poison or poisoned bait can lead to up to two years in prison, being a crime of mere activity, that is, the simple action of placing poison is already punishable, regardless of whether damage occurs or not.

Testimonies from neighbors and the response of the authorities

Fear of pet poisoning has led residents to take extreme precautions. A Basauritarra commented that, due to his limited vision, he needs to wear reading glasses during his walks to prevent his dog from getting close to possible poisoned baits.. This constant fear is affecting the quality of life of many pet owners.

Despite the rumors and alarm, the Basauri City Council has not received any complaints or veterinary reports confirming the poisonings. However, they have committed to reviewing police reports and any available veterinary reports. Local authorities emphasize that only a specialist can determine the exact cause of an animal's death and that, so far, no specific cause has been confirmed.

Community remains alert as investigations continue

The veterinary hospitals consulted mention that they cannot provide specific information on the cause of death of the dogs due to data protection.. However, Aprova suspects that the poison used could be 'rat poisons', given that one of the dogs had hemorrhages in the mouth and anus.

The measures taken by the City Council and the Municipal Police to address this alarming situation

The community is waiting for the authorities

While these alleged poisonings are investigated, the residents of Basauri will walk their pets with greater caution. Many avoid letting go of the leash to reduce the risk of dogs getting sick. The community is waiting for the authorities to locate those possibly responsible and take action. to prevent these incidents from happening again.

Without a doubt, the situation in Basauri is a reminder of the vulnerability of our pets and the need to always be attentive to possible threats in the environment.. Authorities and the community must work together to ensure a safe environment for all animals. Monitoring and reporting any suspicious activity is essential to protect our four-legged companions and ensure they can enjoy their lives safely.

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