July 15, 2024 | 4:50


Profersa ceases activities after incident in Zorroza

Bilbao municipal groups support the relocation of Sader and Profersa

Jesus Carames

May 15, 2024 | 4:50 p.m.

The fertilizer company Profersa, located in the Bilbao neighborhood of Zorroza, has decided to cease operations after last Saturday's incident, which generated a cloud of smoke in the area and led to recommendations to stay at home.

Last Saturday, a cloud of smoke formed over the Zorroza area, causing alarm among residents. Given this situation, the population was recommended to close doors and windows and remain in their homes until further notice. This event led the Basque Government to order the suspension of activity at the Profersa fertilizer plant.

Voluntary decision to cease activity

Sources from the Profersa company have indicated that during the incident, the plant was not operational, since it does not work on weekends. At an emergency table held by Profersa, the decision was made to voluntarily cease operations on the Sunday following the incident. The company decided not to reopen the plant until the causes of the incident are fully investigated and safe and correct operation of the facilities can be guaranteed.

Measures required by the Basque Government

The Basque Government, through the same sources, has urged the company to implement a series of necessary measures to ensure the correct functioning of the factory. These measures do not imply a definitive closure warning, but rather a series of corrective actions to ensure that the plant operates safely.

Impact on the community and future of the company

The cloud of smoke and the subsequent recommendation to stay in homes caused concern in the Zorroza community. The paralysis of Profersa affects not only the company but also the local economy and the employees who depend on its operation. The company and authorities are working to determine when they can resume operations, but a specific date for reopening has not been specified.

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