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Proposal for a new wind farm in Galdames, Güeñes, Sopuerta and Zalla

Proposal for a new wind farm in Galdames, Güeñes, Sopuerta and Zalla

Jeickson Sulbaran

January 19, 2024 | 10:00 a.m.

enkarterri, a region that combines the beauty of its natural landscapes with the vitality of its towns, faces a new chapter in its energy and environmental history. The authorization request for a new wind farm in Galdames, Güeñes, Sopuerta and Zalla, proposed by Rapid Reaction Systems S.L.U., has sparked an intense debate. This project, which will consist of seven wind turbines with a total power of 31,5 megawatts, adds to the series of wind initiatives that have marked the pulse of the region in recent years.

This is the fourth wind project in process for Enkarterri, a region that has seen growing interest in harnessing wind energy. However, the processing of one of these projects was paralyzed in 2023, leaving four in active process. The proposal for the El Roble wind farm, currently in the public information phase, invites reflection on the balance between energy development and environmental conservation.

The challenges of the energy transition in Enkarterri

The transition towards renewable energy sources is a global issue, but in Enkarterri it acquires a particular local dimension. The concern of citizen platforms, which has intensified since March 2022 with the proposal of the wind farm in Artzentales, Galdames, Muskiz and Sopuerta, focuses on the environmental impact of these projects. These initiatives, although promising in terms of clean energy production, raise questions about the conservation of natural spaces such as Mount Alén.

La Alén Salva Dezagun platform, active on social networks, has expressed concern about the layout of this new project. These types of initiatives, which aim at greater energy sustainability, must balance their impact on the landscape and local biodiversity. Activities such as the cineforum organized in Zalla reflect a growing interest on the part of citizens in actively participating in these discussions.

Community reaction and the future of wind projects

The development of wind projects in Enkarterri

El development of wind projects in Enkarterri It is not only a question of energy, but also of identity and community future. The resistance of citizen platforms and the position of city councils reveal a tension between technological progress and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. The Provincial Council of Bizkaia, in its report on the project in Artzentales and other municipalities, has pointed out the incompatibility of the construction with the conservation of birds, the landscape and cultural assets.

La sum of 26 wind turbines proposed in the region, including projects in Balmaseda and surrounding areas, represents a significant change on Enkarterri's horizon. Each of these projects, from the Las Llanas wind farm to the most recent ones in Balmaseda and the one announced in Galdames, Güeñes, Sopuerta and Zalla, carries with it a history of negotiations, hopes and controversies.

enkarterri is at an inflection point, where decisions made today will define the energy and natural landscape of tomorrow. Active community participation, dialogue between interested parties and the search for a balanced consensus will be key in building a sustainable and respectful future with the natural and cultural legacy of the region.

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