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Proposal for tariffs on Chinese electric cars receives support from the Basque Government

Proposal for tariffs on Chinese electric cars receives support from the Basque Government

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 13, 2024 | 11:06 a.m.

The measure seeks to balance competition between European and Chinese manufacturers, according to Arantxa Tapia

The Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapia, has described as "positive" the European initiative to establish tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles so that everyone "can play under the same conditions." In statements to Euskadi Irratia, Tapia has referred, in this way, to the European Commission's announcement to impose tariffs starting next July 4 of up to 38,1% to the electric battery car imported from China, by concluding that manufacturers in this country enjoy an advantage "disloyal" because of the subsidies they receive from Beijing.

Proposal for tariffs on Chinese electric cars receives support from the Basque Government

The counselor has indicated that, in principle, it seems "positive", although without yet knowing specifically "what type of agreement it will be and how far it can go." In his opinion, we cannot speak of "protectionism", nor of "closing borders completely", but rather of "producing under the same conditions."

Energy and climate transition: level playing field

According to him, the energy and climate transition must be carried out and companies must carry out numerous investments. because the electric car is "totally necessary", but he has defended that, in this competition, "companies in all countries must always have the same conditions."

Therefore, Tapia does not believe that Europe "wants to close the market." neither to China nor to the United States", but has insisted that everyone must "play on the same conditions". "Otherwise, our competitiveness may be at stake, and also that of all of Europe," she said.

After insisting that it is "positive" news, he indicated that, from China, "limits to traditional automotive" may also come, but he believes that, at this time, the European Union is going to seek the agreement "because it never establishes this type of tariffs without seeking an agreement.

Impact on the Basque and European automotive industry

That said, he recalled that Euskadi has a "very important" sector. of automotive components and, specifically, more than 54% of the components industry of the entire State is in the Basque Country, which means that Basque companies are "playing at a global level."

«I repeat, we must all play with the same conditions, and If the cars that arrive from China have a great advantage because the State invests in them, that does not fall into a common competence and, therefore, it seems appropriate to establish these types of tariffs," he stated.

Equity in the global automotive market

Tapia, who does not believe that established Basque companies in China should be worried, he has indicated that the future of our industry must be guaranteed, an industry "much greener, sustainable and digital, but also an industry that produces and Europe has realized that the future is at stake and that such measures will have to be adopted." "What is basically said is that, if you have special aid, you cannot apply it later to compete with a company that does not have it, in this case, with the European ones," he stressed.

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