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COVID rebound in Bizkaia: hospitalizations and deaths grow

Maria Jose Gonzalez

August 16, 2023 | 5:24 pm

In the Basque Country, there has been an increase in the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19, which is causing concern in the community.

Increase in infections

In recent weeks, the Basque Country has experienced a uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases, particularly in the population over 60 years of age, which is more vulnerable to the virus. According to the latest Osakidetza epidemiological bulletin, last week 306 positive cases were registered in this sector of the population. This figure represents a cumulative incidence of 80,83 cases per 100.000 inhabitants in 14 days, a significant increase compared to previous weeks. In fact, the incidence rate has doubled in two weeks and tripled in the last month.

Growth in hospitalizations

The increase in the number of infections has had a direct impact on hospitalizations. Osakidetza has registered the worst income data for people who have tested positive since the first week of January. Currently, there are 124 people admitted to beds in public hospitals, which represents a new peak in hospitalizations. In addition, the daily average of new entrants has tripled in one month, going from five to 15 people.

As for intensive care units (ICUs), the number of admissions has remained stable in recent weeks, but has recently increased to five people. Although these data do not indicate an imminent risk situation, they do show that the virus continues to circulate and spread.

Increase in deaths

In the last week, Osakidetza has posted six new deaths of people due to the disease caused by COVID-19 or in which the virus could have been a determining factor. This represents twice as many deaths compared to the previous week. In total, there are already 8.708 victims that Osakidetza attributes to the direct or indirect action of SARS-Cov-2. In recent weeks, 26 people have died, 11 of them due to the exclusive action of the pathogen.

Holidays and vacations as risk factors

It is considered that the summer holidays and holidays are contributing to the rebound of COVID-19 in the Basque Country. The increase in celebrations and family gatherings has created a breeding ground for the spread of the virus. If infections continue to increase, it is likely that the number of patients on the ward will also increase, and more people will require care if the disease becomes complicated.

Maintain prevention measures

Despite this rebound, the Basque Country Department of Health has indicated in a statement that, after overcoming the pandemic emergency, it is foreseeable that the infection will register moments of greater or lesser activity. This is reflected in periodic "spikes" and "valleys" in the incidence of the virus, similar to those seen in respiratory illnesses such as influenza. However, the Department recalls the importance of maintaining preventive measures, such as the use of a mask in case of symptoms, to protect the population at risk.

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