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Restoration of Itsaslur: A path to the history and nature of Muskiz

Restoration of Itsaslur A path to the history and nature of Muskiz

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 1, 2024 | 3:14 p.m.

Muskiz, a municipality full of history and natural beauty, is at a key moment in the conservation of its heritage, the Itsaslur trail, a route that not only offers visitors a walk along the impressive Basque coast, but also a window into the region's rich mining history, is within reach. about to receive an important intervention. This project, valued at more than 195.000 euros, is not only an investment in tourism and recreation, but a commitment to the preservation of historical memory and the natural environment.

The historical legacy of the Itsaslur trail in Muskiz

Restoration of Itsaslur A path to the history and nature of Muskiz

The Itsaslur trail is more than a coastal path; It is a living testimony of Basque mining history. In its route of just three kilometers, this path was a witness and part of the industrial evolution of the region, hosting one of the first mining railway networks on the coast and the first loading dock in Euskadi. However, natural wear and tear and events such as the destruction of key infrastructure in 2008, have put this heritage at risk. The current restoration initiative not only seeks to recover the functionality of the road, but also to protect and value this historical legacy.

The Muskiz City Council has taken an active role in the conservation of this treasure. With an investment close to a million euros in recent years, a clear intention to keep history alive and facilitate access to this beautiful environment has been demonstrated. The current project, which includes ground stabilization and damage repair, is another step in this direction. The path, which attracts thousands of visitors annually, is not only a tourist attraction, but also a meeting point between nature and history.

The importance of restoration for the community and tourism

The Itsaslur trail in Muskiz is not only important for history or nature lovers, but also for the local community and tourists who walk the Camino de Santiago. The temporary closure of the road due to landslides has been a blow to many. But, with the announcement that restoration work will begin in two weeks, there is light at the end of the tunnel. By mid-May, the trail is expected to be open to the public again, once again offering a safe and accessible space for all.

This intervention has an importance beyond the mere physical repair of the road. It represents an effort by the Muskiz City Council to preserve a space that is an integral part of the local identity and an attraction for visitors from around the world. The Itsaslur trail is a meeting point where history, nature and community intertwine, creating a unique experience for those who walk it.

The restoration of the Itsaslur path It is a project that goes beyond simply repairing a road in Muskiz. It is an investment in the preservation of history, natural beauty and the well-being of the community. With this initiative, Muskiz not only recovers a path, but also reaffirms its commitment to heritage, culture and the natural environment, ensuring that this treasure remains alive for future generations.

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