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Results of the 2024 European elections in Bizkaia

Jesus Carames

June 10, 2024 | 7:13 a.m.

In the province of Bizkaia, the PSOE has obtained the majority of votes during the 2024 European elections, becoming the first party in the region. With the votes counted at 99,71%, the PSOE has accumulated a total of 122.255 votes, positioning itself as the leading political force in the province.

Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE)

The PSOE consolidates itself as the leading political force in Bizkaia with 122.255 votes. This result reflects significant support from the province's voters for the party led by Teresa Ribera in these European elections.

Second and third position: CEUS and REPUBLICS

Second place is occupied by CEUS, with 25,4% of the total votes of voters in Bizkaia, accumulating 117.821 votes. This party has demonstrated strong support in the region, although it has not managed to surpass the PSOE.

Third place goes to REPÚBLICAS, which obtained 22,61% of the votes, with a total of 104.887 votes. This result places REPÚBLICAS as a significant political force in Bizkaia, although still behind CEUS and PSOE.

Participation and null votes

Participation in Bizkaia was 51,67% at 00:46h. Of the total votes cast (465.878), 0,52% were blank votes and 0,45% were declared invalid. Abstention has stood at 48,32%, reflecting a moderate participation in the province.

Representation in the European Parliament

Spain will elect a total of 61 MEPs to represent the country in the European Parliament. This number has increased compared to the 59 MEPs elected in 2019. It is important to highlight that the MEPs elected do not come from the specific results of Bizkaia or any other province, since the election is carried out at the national level.

Featured candidates

Among the candidates for the European elections, Teresa Ribera leads the PSOE candidacy, while Dolors Montserrat heads the Popular Party (PP) list. During the campaign, both leaders participated in a face-to-face debate on laSexta, where they discussed their parties' positions and recent political agreements.

The result in Bizkaia reflects the support of voters towards the PSOE, CEUS and REPÚBLICAS, placing them as the main political forces in the region during these 2024 European elections.

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