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Sabotage in Bizkaia: the unacceptable attack on ambulances

Jesus Carames

September 1, 2023 | 7:30 p.m.

At a time when health is more important than ever, there have been incidents that not only surprise, but outrage. The Department of Health of the Basque Government has raised its voice to denounce acts of vandalism directed at an essential sector: the ambulances.

A premeditated and reprehensible act

The news has shaken several municipalities in Bizkaia. Last morning, a group of individuals attempted against the collective welfare by sabotaging several ambulances. Zalla, Muzkiz, Getxo, San Ignacio and Barakaldo were the settings where these unfortunate acts took place. It was not an isolated event or a simple nocturnal prank; it was a clearly planned and directed act.

The damages: beyond the material

The attack was not limited to just one type of vandalism. The ambulances suffered punctures that rendered their wheels useless, an action that could have compromised the speed and effectiveness of the service. But the damage did not end there. The vehicles were also victims of threatening graffiti, messages that not only frighten health personnel, but also challenge the entire society.

The response of the Basque Government

Faced with this situation, the Department of Health has not remained silent. He has condemned these events, recalling that, despite the damage, the ambulance service was able to continue operating. But it is vital to highlight something: beyond the material losses, what is at stake is the provision of a fundamental service for sick and vulnerable people. Ambulances are not just vehicles; They are a symbol of help, relief and hope.

Society must unite against vandalism

These sabotages are a clear reflection of the urgent need for union and solidarity. They are actions unacceptable, that deserve the total social reproach. Attacking essential services is, in essence, attacking collective well-being. It is crucial that society speaks out against these acts and supports those who work every day to take care of our health.

Looking for solutions and prevention

In the face of such incidents, security at ambulance bases must be reinforced. The authorities, together with the companies in charge of providing these services, must develop plans that ensure the integrity of these essential vehicles.

It is equally imperative to carry out exhaustive investigations that lead to the identification and punishment of those responsible. The message must be clear: health is a right and a common good, and those who try to compromise it will face the consequences.

Botton line, the recent sabotage in Bizkaia is not just an attack on ambulances; it is a challenge to the values ​​of solidarity and respect. It is time for Basque society to unite, condemning these acts and reinforcing the commitment to collective well-being. Health is a fundamental pillar, and protecting it is everyone's responsibility.

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