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SegiDigital promotes the digitization of industrial SMEs in Bizkaia

Miguel Castillo

April 13, 2023 | 5:00 p.m.

SegiDigital Program: digital transformation for industrial SMEs

SegiDigital, a program promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, the Vizcaya Federation of Metal Companies (FVEM) and the GAIA Cluster, seeks to facilitate and accompany industrial SMEs in Bizkaia in their digitization process. Born in 2022, the program aims to promote the digital transformation of SMEs through the deployment of pilot projects that improve their competitiveness.

Results and success stories of SegiDigital

The conference "Digital transformation, a reality", held in Bilbao, served to promote the digitization of Biscayan industrial SMEs, report on the results of the SegiDigital program and publicize several of the success stories developed within the framework of this initiative . Since its launch in 2022, SegiDigital has developed more than 30 pilot projects in 29 Biscayan industrial SMEs, with the collaboration of 22 allied technology companies.

The innovation of the SegiDigital project lies in bringing demand (FVEM companies) closer to supply (GAIA companies), allowing industrial companies to develop digital transformation pilot projects adapted to their needs. In this way, they can test the technology and decide on the convenience of deploying it throughout the organization before making the corresponding investment.

During the event, companies such as Innometal, Oja-Rem, ZF Sachs, Burdinola, Ilunbe, Airlan, Sercame and Cotransa shared their digitalization experiences in industrial, management, marketing and training processes. The technological partners that accompanied these companies were Siemsa, Nexmachina, Ulma, Binary Soul, Bexreal and Creativitic.

The importance of public-private collaboration

Ainara Basurko, Deputy for Economic Promotion of Bizkaia, highlighted during the inauguration of the conference that "the digital transformation is underway, but the challenge is still very big", so it is necessary to convey to SMEs the importance of getting closer to the new technologies.

Tamara Yagüe, President of the FVEM, stressed that "the implementation of technological solutions makes it possible to improve the efficiency of production processes, product quality, occupational safety and, in general, any area of ​​company management." However, facing the digital transition is a great challenge, especially for SMEs, which may require significant investments. Therefore, Yagüe emphasized the importance of public-private partnership in the promotion and support of initiatives that promote the digitization of the industry, through financial aid, training programs and technical advice.

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