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Social Security gives €1.000 to parents of children born since 2007. Are you on the list?

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Jesus Carames

May 18, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

Social Security has implemented a measure aimed at alleviate the expenses incurred by the birth or adoption of a child in large, single-parent or disabled families. This aid is presented as a single lump-sum payment "compensation" of 1.000 euros.

Requirements to obtain the aid of 1.000 euros per child

To be beneficiaries of this aid, families must meet certain specific requirements. The home must be a large, single-parent family or where the mother has a disability equal to or greater than 65%. Furthermore, the child must have been born or adopted on or after November 16, 2007. The birth or adoption must have occurred in Spanish territory and be duly accredited by the relevant Spanish authorities.

How to request financial benefit

To request this benefit, it is necessary to present the corresponding application form and documentation that proves the identity and the circumstances that entitle you to the aid. The National Social Security Institute (INSS) is responsible for recognizing this right.

Applications can be submitted through the Social Security Electronic Headquarters using a digital certificate or permanent cl@ve. If you do not have these identification systems, it is also possible to do so through the online platform or by email. It is important to mention that the request can be made from the day after the birth or adoption and will be valid up to five years later.

Economic impact on Spanish families

The economic crisis derived from the pandemic and inflation has generated great economic pressure on many Spanish families. Especially, those who dedicate more than 40% of their income to paying debts and bank loans. According to data from the end of 2022, 57% of Spanish households had debts to assume. The average amount of debt per household amounted to 28.400 euros, indicating a considerable financial burden for many families.

However, most of these debts are relatively small, with those associated with credit cards being the most common, with an average amount of 1.000 euros. This type of debt, although minor compared to other financial obligations, represents a constant concern due to the high interests that usually accompany credit cards.

Importance of the benefit of 1.000 euros

This benefit of 1.000 euros, although not a large sum, can represent significant relief for families facing the financial burden of the birth or adoption of a new child. In a context where many families are in debt and facing financial difficulties, any additional help can be a crucial lifeline.

The implementation of this measure by Social Security reflects an effort to support families in times of need. The combination of clear requirements and an accessible application process ensures that eligible families can benefit from this assistance, helping to reduce the financial stress associated with increased family expenses.

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