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Sopela stops tunnel project under the estuary

Mairenis Gomez

June 7, 2024 | 6:00 pm

The Sopela City Council has approved the motion to paralyze the tunnel project under the estuary

The past 30 of May, Sopela City Council approved a motion to request the immediate suspension of the tunnel project under the estuary proposed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. This motion was presented by the municipal groups of Sopela EH Bildu and Elkar, later joined by the SAA group. The objective of the project is to connect the Artatza roundabout with the Ballonti shopping center through a tunnel under the river. The councilors of Sopela have requested the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to stop the project and commit to making more necessary sustainable investments for Sopela and Uribe Kosta.

Details of the project and its evolution

In September 2020, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia put out to tender the design of the project, allocating 10,5 million euros. Currently, the project is in the drafting phase, with an environmental report included. The Provincial Council has announced that the works could be postponed until the end of the year or the beginning of next year.

According to the Provincial Council, this tunnel is a solution to the traffic problems that affect the Arrontegi bridge and is part of the second phase of Supersur. The estimated budget of the project is 400 million euros, not including general expenses, and prioritizes the use of private cars.

Concerns and proposals of municipal groups

Municipal groups supporting the motion have expressed concern about the impact the project will have on Uribe Kosta. In the context of the climate emergency, they consider that the project is less justifiable, since it prioritizes the use of private cars and contributes to the proliferation of macroinfrastructures in the region. According to them, this could increase traffic problems in Sopela and Uribe Kosta in general.

Sopela stops tunnel project under the estuary

Sustainable mobility priorities for the Costa Uribe promoted by Sopela

Regarding mobility, they propose various priorities for the Costa Uribe, promoting public transport, increasing the frequency of the metro, improving Bizkaibus lines, completing the network of cycle paths and promoting the use of bicycles through projects such as Bizkaibizi. They also underline the need to implement the variant projects proposed by the Sopela City Council over the years.

Undoubtedly, These proposals reflect a more sustainable approach and in line with the current needs of the region, prioritizing the reduction of the use of private cars and promoting more ecological and efficient transport alternatives.

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