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Strike in education in the Basque Autonomous Community: Union movements and demands

Zubizarreta (ELA), Iturrioz (Steilas) and Aldave (CC.OO) from left to right.

Jeickson Sulbaran

September 26, 2023 | 5:30 p.m.

Within the educational panorama of the Basque Autonomous Community (CAV), new tensions arise. Three of the most representative unions, ELA, Steilas and CC.OO., have scheduled October 24 for a new strike day. This action, which includes non-university teachers, special education, cooking and cleaning workers, seeks to improve working conditions in Basque public education.

The context behind the call

Although LAB has decided not to support this action, other unions such as Satse and ESK will join the strikes scheduled for October 25 and December 19. The center, led by Garbiñe Aranburu and Igor Arroyo, has indicated its interest in focusing its efforts on public sector strikes and the feminist strike scheduled for November 30.

The spokespersons for the unions, Miren Zubizarreta (ELA), Nagore Iturrioz (Steilas) and Sonia Aldave (CC.OO.), have put forward various demands that justify this mobilization.

Key demands of the sector

One of the critical points highlighted is current Department of Education policy. The unions criticize its tendency towards privatization and precariousness. Additionally, they want Madrid's budgetary restrictions not to be accepted, aspiring for Euskadi to have full control over salaries and replacement rates.

Among the demands is relieve workload and obtain more resources to adapt to the reality of current students. At the same time, they emphasize the need to recover purchasing power, which according to their calculations, has decreased by 20%.

En este sentido, They are looking for a 10% increase for 2024, considering the rest as an outstanding "debt." Furthermore, they want strategies for rejuvenation of insoles, promoting the anticipation of retirement or reductions in working hours, and a drastic reduction in temporary employment.

Towards a more inclusive education like Basque language

One of the most relevant demands is the Basque language of educational personnel, promoting the use of Basque. Also highlighted is the need for coeducational projects that promote coexistence and equality, combating sexist attitudes.

Finally, the unions express their dissatisfaction with the Basque education bill currently being processed, considering it insufficient and misaligned with their demands.


The educational field of the CAV is in full debate. The union seeks quality public education, free of precariousness and adjusted to the needs of the XNUMXst century. The response of the Department of Education and the Basque Government will be crucial for the future of these movements and, above all, for the future of education in Euskadi.

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