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Strike in the Bizkaia ambulance service in October

Basque ambulance strike

Laura Rangel Ybarra

September 21, 2023 | 4:00 p.m.

Ambulances in Euskadi on strike: Current situation and mobilizations

On October 9, 10 and 11, the streets of Euskadi will witness a strike in the ambulances. This decision comes after the call of unions such as ELA, LSB-USO, LAB, UGT, CC.OO. and ESK. These organizations are in disagreement with the employers, alleging a "blockade" in the negotiations they are carrying out.

The fight to improve the working conditions of these workers has led to the calling of two additional concentrations. The first will take place on September 29 in front of the Labor Relations Center in Bilbao. The second, scheduled for October 5, will take place before the Basque Parliament.

Main demands of workers

Medical transportation professionals do not ask for privileges, but for rights. They request an equalization with the working conditions of Osakidetza staff. In addition, they emphasize the need to maintain the purchasing power of the workforce and ensure compliance with the agreed agreements.

The discontent and discomfort is evident. The unions have stated that, despite the fact that the companies have received an increase in 30% in financing, workers face unfavorable conditions. They are forced to work long hours and, in many cases, in suboptimal conditions. Salary has not experienced a proportional increase, resulting in a deterioration in employee well-being.

Basque ambulance strike
In two years, workers have perceived a purchasing loss of close to 12%, which worsens when considering the variation in the CPI.

Criticisms of company management

Not only the salary situation is criticized, but also the management of ambulance companies. The unions denounce that these companies not only benefit from financing from public tendersbut also of private contests. It is common to see ambulances at events such as soccer games, popular festivals and concerts. What is worrying about this situation is that, according to the unions, these companies use personnel subject to specific conditions to provide these services, an action that they call "illegal practice".

Reason for the strike

The strike in the ambulance service in Euskadi shows the urgent need to address the labor grievances of the sector. These professionals, who play an essential role in the health system, demand fair conditions consistent with the importance of their work. The challenge for authorities, companies and unions lies in establishing a constructive dialogue that allows for beneficial solutions to be reached for all parties involved. For the well-being of workers and the efficiency of the health system, it is essential that an agreement be reached promptly.

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