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Díez Antxustegi does not let himself be dazzled by Bildu

Jesus Carames

May 16, 2024 | 10:15 a.m.

The Basque Parliament still does not have a defined date for the investiture plenary session, according to Joseba Díez Antxustegi, spokesperson for the PNV in the Gasteiz Chamber. Although there is speculation that it could be after the European elections, there is no official confirmation.

The Basque Parliament is in a moment of uncertainty regarding the date of the investiture plenary session. According to Joseba Díez Antxustegi, one of the new PNV figures in the Chamber, a date has not yet been set for this important event. Díez Antxustegi, who faces this new stage with "a lot of enthusiasm and desire," highlighted in an interview with ONDA VASCA the complexity of the process and the need for humility and continuous learning.

Lack of agreement on the date of the plenary session

Currently, the PNV is in talks not only with the PSE, but also with other parliamentary groups, to determine the most appropriate date for the investiture plenary session. «The date is not closed. They are talking with the rest of the groups, not just with the PSE. Everything indicates that it will be after the Europeans but the date has not been finalized," stated Díez Antxustegi. This consultation process reflects the importance of reaching a broad consensus at a delicate political moment.

Possible candidates for the investiture

At the moment, it is unknown if there will be more candidates besides the PNV representative, Imanol Pradales. Neither EH Bildu nor its spokesperson, Pello Otxandiano, have revealed whether they will present a candidacy, as Maddalen Iriarte did four years ago. Díez Antxustegi stressed that this decision falls entirely on EH Bildu and showed his respect for the choice they may make.

Interactions between political parties

In the last few hours, Pello Otxandiano has indicated his intention to meet with Imanol Pradales. Given this situation, Díez Antxustegi commented that although it seems that EH Bildu wants to participate in the public debate, this should not divert the attention of the PNV from its negotiations with the PSE to form a solid and coherent government program. «It doesn't have to mislead us. "We are in negotiations with the PSE for a government program, with seriousness and discretion," He explained.

Meetings and communications

Díez Antxustegi clarified that, to date, he is not aware that Otxandiano has contacted the PNV executive directly. The decision on whether or not he will meet with Otxandiano will be assessed by Imanol Pradales and Euskadi Buru Batzar. "It's not an issue we've addressed," he added, indicating that any decision in this regard will be made with caution and consideration.

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