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The bitch from the Ertzaintza Izar leads the agents to thieves in Amurrio

Jesus Carames

April 27, 2023 | 8:39 p.m.

Two young people arrested after being discovered by the Ertzaintza Canine Unit

A German shepherd from the Ertzaintza Canine Unit managed to recover the loot from a robbery committed by two young people in the Álava town of Amurrio. The thieves stole a briefcase with documentation and thousands of euros from a vehicle, and They were arrested thanks to the intervention of the police dog.

Theft with force in a parked vehicle

The events took place on the morning of last Wednesday, when the authorities were alerted to a robbery with force in a vehicle stationed in Amurrio. The thieves had taken a briefcase containing various documents and a considerable sum of money, presumably the product of a business collection.

Immediate investigation and identification of suspects

Agents from the Llodio police station immediately launched an investigation and managed to identify two 18 year olds as suspects involved in the robbery. The suspects were located in a local building, but they were reluctant to collaborate with the authorities.

Intervention of the Canine Unit of the Ertzaintza

Given the lack of cooperation of the suspects, the presence of the police was requested. Ertzaintza Canine Unit. Izar, a German shepherd dog, managed to find a wallet with most of the stolen money, which the thieves had hidden inside the bathroom closet of a house.

Recovery of loot and arrest of thieves

Thanks to Izar's intervention, most of the loot was recovered. The rest of the stolen objects were located in the vicinity of the house where the suspects were. The two young men were arrested and placed at the disposal of the Amurrio Guard Court.

The collaboration between the different units of the Ertzaintza was essential to successfully solve this robbery case. The Ertzaintza Canine Unit, in particular, once again demonstrated its value and effectiveness in the fight crime. Thanks to Izar's skill and the teamwork of the agents, the loot was recovered and those responsible for the theft were apprehended.

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