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The Bizkaia rowing quarry

Mairenis Gomez

June 21, 2024 | 5:00 pm

Busturialdea faces a profound renovation and Lutxana returns to compete in the trainera after five years

Busturialdea and Lutxana are at the center of a significant renewal in trawler rowing. Both clubs, representing tradition and innovation in Bizkaia, return to the competition in the ARC2 league, which begins tomorrow in the Astillero estuary and concludes on August 24 with the Ría del Asón flag. This year, the league has seven boats, the same number as last year, reflecting a drastic reduction compared to 18 vessels in 2018.

An expected return: busturialdea and lutxana

The representation of Biscayan rowing will be in charge of Lutxana and Busturialdea. Lutxana, known as Ederra, returns to the competition after a five-year absence, while Busturialdea returns to the ARC2 after a relegation last season. The ARC2 league not only shows the persistence of these clubs, but also the challenges they face in terms of recruiting and maintaining their teams.

The generational impact on competition

Busturialdea, supported by the Mundaka and Elantxobe rowing clubs, presents itself with a mostly young staff. Coach Luis Ángel Salvador highlights the importance of betting on the youth team and preparing the youth players to compete at the senior level, although he recognizes the challenges of inexperience. “In all the regattas there will be youth rowers on our boat. It is a very important leap for them because they had never rowed in a trawler,” Salvador emphasizes.

On the other hand, The Santoña trawler has an average age of over 40 years, with several rowers over 50. This generational diversity in the ARC2 highlights both the commitment to tradition and the need for renewal in rowing.

Lutxana: a revitalization project

Lutxana, under the direction of Aitor Sautu, returns with the hope of revitalizing the club. The return of Ederra seeks to attract young people and promote rowing in Erandio, something that Sautu considers vital to avoid the disappearance of the club. Lutxana began the year with few rowers, but a campaign in schools and institutes managed to increase the number of participants, finally allowing the training of a male trainera.

“90% of our staff is made up of youth rowers. Although at first we will pay for the hazing, we are full of enthusiasm and desire,” says Sautu. This effort by Lutxana is not only a commitment to the present, but also an investment in the future of rowing in Bizkaia.

The ARC2 League 2: a reflection of the rowing crisis

The ARC2 league is a mirror of the critical situation that trainer rowing is experiencing. With only seven boats participating, the league shows a worrying decline compared to previous years. This reduction highlights the challenges clubs face in maintaining and attracting new rowers.

Busturialdea's objective for this season is clear, to work with young people and establish a project for the future. “The ARC2 is a complicated competition and we are aware that we will have to pay the toll of the inexperience of most of our rowers,” says Salvador. Despite the difficulties, the ambition to compete and win is still present in the team.

The representation of Biscayan rowing will be in charge of Lutxana and Busturialdea

The challenges and hopes of rowing in Bizkaia

The situation of rowing in Bizkaia requires deep reflection. The lack of generational change is a problem that affects many clubs, and the solution involves a greater commitment to the youth team and adaptation to new social realities. “Many young people do not want to mortgage their summer holidays training and rowing. The situation is complicated and we must look for solutions,” highlights Sautu.

In short, Busturialdea and Lutxana represent both the challenges and the hopes of rowing in Bizkaia. Your participation in the ARC2 is a sign of resistance and dedication, and your success will depend on your ability to adapt your strategies and attract new generations to the exciting world of rowing..

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