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The cost per day in a hospital in Osakidetza

Osakidetza hospital

Mairenis Gomez

January 29, 2024 | 1:07 p.m.

How much can you pay?

In the town of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia, health care is a right fundamental guaranteed by the Health System Osakidetza public. However, the majority of citizens are unaware of the real costs of different medical procedures due to the apparent freeness of the system. The daily stay at the Osakidetza hospital, It costs 1.278 euros, and rises to more than 1.900 euros if admission to the ICU is required.

The hidden costs of healthcare

But what happens when it comes to more complex medical procedures? For example, a heart transplant can reach an astonishing 139.500 euros, depending on its complexity. Similarly, a liver or intestine transplant ranges between 43.800 euros and 116.700. These costs can be overwhelming for any family.

The financial challenges of heart transplants and devices

In the case of bone marrow transplants, the bill can vary from 30.300 euros in the simplest cases to more than 131.500 euros in the most complicated ones. Furthermore, the implantation of a cardiac defibrillator ranges between 26.000 and 139.100 euros. These data highlight the importance of having a solid and accessible public health system.

Pediatric and obstetric procedures

Now, baby-related medical procedures also carry considerable costs, especially depending on the weight of the newborn. For example, The cost of major surgery for a baby weighing less than one and a half kilos can exceed one hundred thousand euros.. In the case of deliveries, prices vary widely, from those that involve sterilization, dilation and curettage, to simple or premature deliveries that can cost up to 6.000 euros.

Additional health care costs

In addition, The price list in Osakidetza includes a wide range of medical and surgical procedures, from craniotomies with an average cost of 30.000 euros to radiotherapy sessions that range between 5.500 and 26.000 euros, and chemotherapy with prices ranging from 4.800 to 38.800 euros. The costs of laboratory tests, radiation and rehabilitation are also detailed, providing a comprehensive view of the expenses associated with healthcare in this region.

Osakidetza hospital
A daily stay in one of the large acute care hospitals in Osakidetza costs 1.278 euros

The cost of immunization and its impact on the health budget

However, investment in population health is not limited to medical procedures and hospitalization. Vaccine administration also represents a significant expense in the health system. For example, the estimated cost of vaccinating a healthy person in 2023 was 1.519 euros. The investment varies according to age, from 839 euros for children under 14 years old to 596 euros for people between 15 and 83 years old.

Some vaccines, such as the Herpes Zoster vaccine for people over 65 years of age, can reach 260 euros, while others, such as the Human Papillomavirus test administered at age 12, cost 90 euros. The hexavalent vaccine, which protects against multiple diseases, has a price of 29,95 euros per dose.

The Importance of Transparency in Healthcare Costs

Undoubtedly, the hospital health system Osakidetza, provides quality medical care to the citizens of Bilbao and Bizkaia. But behind its apparent freeness, significant costs are hidden that impact families' finances. From complex medical procedures to vaccinations, health expenses are a reality that deserves attention. It is essential that citizens are informed about the real costs of health care to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

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