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The family of the young man murdered in Getxo in shock

Shocking murder of a young man in Getxo

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 27, 2024 | 12:13 p.m.

Five minors arrested and the community in shock after the death of a young man in Algorta

La tragic death of a young man in the Algorta neighborhood of Getxo has left the community in a state of shock. Luis Felipe, only 23 years old, was stabbed on Saturday night, and despite medical efforts, nothing could be done to save his life. The news has shocked the neighbors and has generated a strong feeling of insecurity in a traditionally quiet area.

La Luis Felipe's family is devastated. According to his aunt, with whom he lived, the young man had left home shortly before the events. "We don't know why he went down to the street where he was attacked," he commented, highlighting the disconcerting speed with which everything happened. Just 20 minutes after leaving, the family received the tragic news that he had been stabbed.

Upon learning what happened, family and friends rushed to the scene, alerted by friends of the victim who witnessed the attack. Upon arrival, they could only watch as the health services tried, unsuccessfully, to save his life. Luis Felipe was transferred to the Cruces hospital, where his death was certified..

A neighborhood in shock and an ongoing investigation

The violence in Algorta has left its inhabitants perplexed. "It's very strange because in Algorta those things are not normal"said the victim's aunt, who recalled that it has always been a quiet neighborhood. However, lately they have noticed the presence of people outside the neighborhood causing disturbances. "It's a shame," she lamented.

The Ertzaintza and the Getxo Local Police acted quickly. Shortly before midnight, they located five minors at the Algorta metro station, allegedly involved in the homicide. In a nearby trash can, they found two knives with traces of blood, which are believed to have been used in the attack. The five minors are in police custody and are expected to give statements in the next few hours.

Reactions and condemnation of the Getxo city council

The mayor of Getxo, Amaia Agirre, strongly condemned the event and expressed its solidarity with the victim's family. «Getxo does not accept this type of behavior», he stated, highlighting that the town is a place of peace and diversity. Agirre stressed that the community works daily on coexistence and that acts of violence like this are unacceptable.

The Getxo community remains in a state of shock as the investigation unfolds. Local authorities have reinforced security and have called for calm and citizen cooperation. This tragic event has left an indelible mark in the collective memory of the Algorta neighborhood. and has highlighted the importance of maintaining security and peaceful coexistence.

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