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The gardening strike dirtyes Getxo

Jesus Carames

April 17, 2024 | 8:27 a.m.

In Getxo, the indefinite strike of the gardening service, which began two weeks ago, has led to complicated situations, including complaints from the City Council about "intentional dumping" in green areas. These incidents have been reported to the Local Police for monitoring and sanction, although the striking workers have not been directly accused.

Context of the gardening strike

Workers, who demand salary adjustments in line with the 3.1% CPI increase, have seen how their labor action has not generated significant progress in the negotiations. Meanwhile, vegetation in the town's public parks has grown noticeably, exacerbated by the lack of regular maintenance due to the strike.

Impact and measures of the Getxo city council

The city council, governed by a coalition of PNV and PSE, has indicated that no minimum services have been established as the service is not considered essential. However, this has affected the presentation of the gardens, especially from Monday to Friday, although it has been clarified that cleaning tasks during weekends and holidays are covered by another contract not affected by the strike.

Union response

The ELA union, dominant in this sector, has criticized the City Council and the company for not engaging in dialogue and for trying to divert responsibility for the conflict towards the workers. Additionally, gardeners have refuted some of the council's claims, especially in relation to who is doing the work during the strike, accusing the council of resorting to another contract to mitigate the effects of the strike.

Actions and demonstrations

The workers have held rallies and protests to make their situation visible and press for negotiations. These demonstrations have been located at strategic points in the municipality, including important municipal buildings, and it is planned to continue these actions in future plenary and political sessions.

The situation has been complicated by the landscaping contract, valued at 2.6 million euros and awarded at a discount, which according to the union has limited the financial maneuvering capacity of the companies in charge of the service, FCC and the UTE Lorategiak, since the start.

The strike in Getxo highlights the difficulties in managing essential public services and labor tensions in the gardening sector, exposing the need for a more equitable and sustainable approach to negotiating contracts and resolving labor disputes.

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