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The Labor Inspectorate begins to function in Bizkaia: 888 regularized

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 16, 2023 | 8:00 a.m.

The employment outlook in Bizkaia is undergoing a significant transformation. A recent crash plan implemented by the Work inspection has led to an increase in the working hours of several workers with part-time contracts, signaling an important advance in the fight against labor fraud in the province.

Detection and Action in Case of Labor Fraud

Last September, the Anti-Fraud Tool detected irregularities in a considerable number of part-time contracts throughout the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. In response to this situation, the Basque Country Labor Inspection launched a shock plan, sending letters to the companies in question, urging them to regularize said contracts.

In Bizkaia, this plan has had a significant impact: 888 contracts have been regularized, which has meant an increase in the working day for a large number of workers. This increase in working hours not only improves the working conditions of employees, but also contributes to greater equity in the labor market.

Hospitality and commerce: the most affected sectors

The hotel and catering industry has been the sector with the highest number of irregular contracts in Bizkaia, and is also a highly relevant sector in the region's economy. This fact highlights the importance of the measures taken by the Labor Inspectorate to guarantee fair working conditions in this industry.

The vehicle and motorcycle trade and repair sector has also shown a high number of irregular contracts. The regularization of these contracts contributes to improving the labor situation of workers in these sectors, promoting greater stability and security in their jobs.

A step forward in the fight against labor fraud

The crash plan implemented by the Labor Inspectorate in Bizkaia marks an important step in the fight against labor fraud. The increase in the working day of 888 workers with part-time contracts shows the positive impact of the measures taken.

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