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The new EKIM website: A lighthouse in the fight against sexist violence in the Basque Country

The new EKIM website, a beacon in the fight against sexist violence in the Basque Country

Jeickson Sulbaran

January 11, 2024 | 9:27 a.m.

In a world where male violence It is still a painful reality, Euskadi has taken a step forward with the creation of EKIM, a new centralized Emakunde website. This platform stands as a beacon of hope and help for victims of sexist violence. Its objective is simple but powerful: to gather in one place all the information on public services and aid available to these victims. But EKIM It is more than just a directory; It is a commitment to fight against one of the cruelest forms of violence.

El launch of EKIM, presented at a press conference in Bilbao, was attended by Nerea Melgosa, Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policies, and Miren Elgarresta, director of Emakunde. Both highlighted the importance of this tool in the coordination of institutional efforts. This initiative arises in response to a clear need: the existence of multiple services and benefits distributed among various institutions, which can be overwhelming for victims seeking help.

EKIM: A comprehensive platform for information and ahelp in Euskadi

EKIM, the new website in Euskadi

EKIM It is not just a compendium of information. It has been designed to be a space for interaction and cooperation between the different institutions that fight against sexist violence. This includes the Basque Government, the provincial councils and the town councils. The advisor Melgosa In his speech, he emphasized the advantage of having multiple entry doors to services, but also the need for effective coordination to guarantee comprehensive and respectful care for victims.

This portal, in a later phase, will be transformed into an interoperability platform, a crucial step towards creating a single electronic file per victim. This will allow more efficient management of information and better coordination between the different services involved.

A commitment to personalized care and protection of victims

La advisor Melgosa highlighted the active participation of the victims themselves in the development of EKIM, a factor that adds incalculable value to the platform. The purpose of the website is not only to inform, but also to offer a safe and accessible environment for victims.. This includes a quick exit button and options to delete browsing history, thus ensuring the security and privacy of users.

Elgarresta, for his part, detailed how EKIM focuses on the needs and rights of victims, presenting the available resources in a clear, direct and accessible way. The web offers multiple paths to access information, addressing various situations and specific needs.

In this context, EKIM represents a significant advance in the fight against sexist violence in Euskadi. Its creation is a clear example of how information technologies can be used to empower and protect victims, and how effective coordination between institutions can significantly improve the care provided to them.

EKIM is not just a website; is a testament to the commitment of Euskadi with the eradication of sexist violence and support for its victims. It represents a collaborative and multidisciplinary effort to ensure that no woman who suffers this form of violence feels alone or helpless. EKIM It is, in essence, one more step towards a more just, safe and supportive society.

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