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The PNV wins in Bizkaia one week before the Basque elections

Jesus Carames

April 14, 2024 | 7:52 a.m.

In Bizkaia, the electoral panorama drawn by EITB Focus anticipates that the PNV will maintain its predominance in the April 21 elections, despite a possible decrease in the number of seats. The Jeltzales, who currently enjoy a solid base of support, could see a slight retraction, hoping to obtain between 10 and 11 parliamentarians, compared to the 12 they obtained in the previous race, and 38.3% of the electorate, decreasing from 42.6% obtained four years ago.

EH Bildu is positioned as the second most relevant force in the territory, with an increase in its vote share to 30.9%, which would allow it to secure 8 seats. This progress reflects a growing consolidation of EH Bildu as a strong political alternative in the Basque Country.

The PSE-EE also shows a slight improvement, with the possibility of increasing its parliamentary representation in Bizkaia from 3 to 4 seats, thanks to the 13.9% of the votes it is expected to obtain. This result underlines the stability of the socialists in the region, maintaining a loyal electoral base.

For its part, the PP would retain its representation with two parliamentarians, obtaining 7.2% of the votes, a testament to its ability to maintain its hard core of support despite the dynamic political landscape.

Sumar would manage to win a seat in Bizkaia, marking its presence in the Basque Parliament, while Elkarrekin Podemos would not be able to attract enough support to obtain representation, reflecting possible internal challenges and a reconfiguration in the support of the confederal left.

This detailed electoral portrait of Bizkaia provided by EITB Focus not only anticipates the possible electoral results but also highlights the fluidity and constant change within the Basque political spectrum. The complete data, microdata and other statistical aspects of the survey are available to the public in the Open Data section of the EITB group's Transparency portal, allowing a more in-depth and personalized analysis of electoral trends.

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