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The artificial intelligence revolution in Basque

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence in Basque

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 11, 2024 | 10:00 a.m.

Pablo Álvarez demonstrates how to unlock ChatGPT to communicate in Basque, unleashing the hidden potential of AI

artificial intelligence (AI) It has revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives., but there are barriers that still seem insurmountable. A clear example is the use of Basque in tools like ChatGPT. This AI, widely used, usually states that it does not understand or speak Basque. This represents a significant challenge for those studying at Euskaltegi or trying to help their children with their homework in Basque.

Unlocking the potential of AI in Basque

However, Pablo Álvarez, CEO of Maxmaxdata and professor at the University of Deusto, has shown that all is not lost. In a video that has gone viral on social networks, Álvarez demonstrates how AI can be "tricked" to try to communicate in Basque.

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence in Basque

When spoken to in Basque, ChatGPT initially responds that it does not understand the language. But when you ask him to act as if he knows Basque and try to speak it as well as possible, the response changes drastically. The AI ​​agrees to do its best and, surprisingly, begins to communicate in Basque.

Hidden information in AI

Álvarez explains that many AIs have a large amount of stored information that they are not programmed to reveal. «This is a way to unlock AI to do what we want. They have a lot of information inside but they don't want to let it go., he comments. This innovative approach has captured the attention of thousands of users, with the video reaching almost 200 thousand views.

The public reaction has been mostly positive, with many users expressing their surprise and gratitude at this revelation. Álvarez does not limit himself to this trick; His channel is full of useful content that explores various ways to maximize the use of AI.

In the work of Pablo Álvarez he shows us that language barriers in AI can be overcome with creativity and ingenuity, opening new possibilities for the use of technology in our daily lives.

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