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The shadow government of the PP: judicial control and lack of independence

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Jesus Carames

June 6, 2024 | 5:54 pm

The political and judicial situation in Spain has been the subject of heated debates, especially with regard to the influence of the Popular Party (PP) on the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). Accusations that the PP does not want to renew the CGPJ to maintain control over judges and, therefore, judicial decisions, have generated controversy and concern about the independence of the Spanish judicial system..

Judicial control of the PP and resistance to the renewal of the CGPJ

The PP has been accused of using its influence to control the CGPJ, which has led to criticism about the lack of will to renew this body. This situation has been described by some analysts and politicians as an attempt by the PP to maintain a "shadow government", using the judicial power to influence political and legal decisions..

The PP's resistance to renewing the CGPJ has been interpreted as an effort to maintain favorable judges in key positions. The renewal of the CGPJ is crucial to ensure the impartiality and independence of the judiciary, and the lack of action in this regard undermines confidence in the judicial system.

Separation of powers and judicial independence in question

Criticisms about the lack of judicial independence in Spain are not new. The perception that the separation of powers is a “lie” and that justice is influenced by political interests is a serious concern that affects the credibility of the judicial system. These allegations suggest that judges may be subject to political pressure, compromising their ability to act impartially.

Judicial independence is a fundamental pillar of any democracy. Without it, justice cannot be fair or effective, and citizens lose confidence in the institutions that must protect their rights.. The current situation in Spain highlights the need for reforms to strengthen judicial independence and ensure a true separation of powers.

The role of the CGPJ and the importance of its renewal

The CGPJ is the governing body of judges and courts in Spain, in charge of guaranteeing the independence of judges in the exercise of their functions. Its periodic renewal is essential to avoid the politicization of the judiciary and ensure that impartiality is maintained in decision-making..

The control of the CGPJ by a single political party, in this case the PP, puts the neutrality of judicial decisions at risk. Renewing this body is a necessary step to restore confidence in the judicial system and ensure that decisions are made based on the law and not political interests..

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