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The txakoli routes in Bizkaia

Mairenis Gomez

June 6, 2024 | 4:00 pm

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia creates ten txakoli tourist routes throughout the territory, promoting local culture and sustainable tourism

With this initiative, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia It seeks to value local history and culture and promote sustainable tourism. Bizkaia has many things to offer its citizens and its visitors and, in that aspect, txakoli is one of the most characteristic elements of the territory's gastronomy. For this reason, the Txakoli Routes in Bizkaia project has been launched, which offers ten itineraries throughout the territory, allowing the public to get to know Bizkaia in depth and the specific weight of the txakoli in its history and culture.

This tourism project is one of the most significant in Bizkaia, celebrating our traditions and promoting sustainable tourism. These routes are now available to the public on the visitbiscay.eus website, where each of the ten routes created are specified.

Exploring Bilbao and its charms on the first txakoli route

The first of the ten itineraries has Bilbao as its protagonist. This tour starts from the Ribera market and allows you to see key points of the Biscayan capital such as the estuary, the Artxanda funicular and the Old Town. On each route, in addition, establishments and wineries are recommended where you can taste the best txakoli.

The second itinerary starts from the Getxo marina, runs through the town of Getxo and crosses Ezkerraldea through the Hanging Bridge to reach Portugalete, a town with a rich history linked to txakoli. This route concludes in Santurtzi, a municipality that in the 19th century was the Biscayan town with the most vines.

From Nerbioi-Ibaizabal to Uribe: a journey through the essence of Biscay

The third route focuses on Nerbioi-Ibaizabal, starting at the Nervión waterfall and ending in Orozko, passing through Orduña. The fourth route takes place in Arratia, with its epicenter in Areatza and ending in Antzarti Euskaldunen Etxea.

Durangaldea is also present with a route that starts from the Urkiola Sanctuary, runs through Durango and Elorrio, and concludes at the Argiñeta necropolis. According to Leire Saez, regional director of Tourism, "this is a living project that will be updated with new proposals in the future."

In addition, Lea-Artibai has an important presence on these routes. The sixth route departs from Lekeitio, passing through emblematic places such as the Santa Catalina lighthouse and the port, and ends at the Zenarruza monastery after visiting the hermitage of San Miguel de Arretxinaga in Markina.

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia creates ten txakoli tourist routes throughout the Territory

Get to know Bizkaia sip by sip: a celebration of history and sustainable tourism

Undoubtedly, The Provincial Council of Bizkaia offers the option of getting to know Bizkaia sip by sip, through a trip that celebrates our history and promotes more sustainable tourism. These routes not only highlight the importance of txakoli in our gastronomy, but also invite us to rediscover the cultural and natural heritage of our territory, turning each itinerary into a unique and enriching experience.

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