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The unification of the Ertzaina struggle: Looking for a dignified regulatory agreement

Jesus Carames

June 20, 2023 | 8:11 pm

The trade union forces of the Ertzaintza (ErNE, Esan, Euspel and Sipe), along with 'Ertzainas en lucha' and Ekos, have crossed paths in a crucial meeting held in Bilbao. At this meeting, the representatives of the ertzainas have agreed to present a unified text to the Basque Department of Security to update and improve the Regulatory Agreement and the working conditions of the agents.

Consolidation of the union unit

This meeting has been a milestone in the fight for the rights of the ertzainas, since the trade union unit and 'Ertzainas en lucha' have committed to organize and finance the buses for the different protest concentrations of the agents. An advance that speaks of solidarity and the union of all welfare groups in search of a common good.

Empowerment of the ertzainas

In addition to logistical improvements, a highlight of the agreement is that it has been ensured that the ertzainas will be able to vote on the new Regulatory Agreement. This represents an important step in the empowerment of agents, by giving them an active voice in the formulation of the rules that will govern their working life.

Mobilization calendar

The unions have also agreed on a mobilization calendar without logos or banners, beginning with a rally in front of the Basque Parliament on Thursday the 22nd, followed by a demonstration from the Parliament to the Lehendakaritza on the 27th and ending with a Tour Bilbao rally on the 29th.

A step towards a dignified Regulatory Agreement

The result of the meeting is cause for celebration for the unions and for 'Ertzainas in struggle', who are reinforced in their fight for a Regulatory Agreement worthy for the entire Ertzaintza. The presentation of a unified text is an important step towards improving the working conditions of the ertzainas.

Future perspectives

This agreement represents a milestone in the fight to improve the working conditions of the ertzainas. However, it remains to be seen how the situation will develop, as the unified text still has to be submitted and approved by the Department of Security. Meanwhile, the unions and 'Ertzainas en lucha' remain firm in their commitment to continue fighting for their rights, and the planned mobilizations are a clear testimony of their determination.

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