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Markina University rolls out its big red carpet in a huge basket event

Markina University rolls out its big red carpet in an unprecedented event

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 12, 2024 | 10:00 a.m.

The Markina-Xemein Grand Slam starts this Saturday with the main figures of the professional top basket. Subscriptions and tickets available

This Saturday, Markina University will dress up to host the start of the professional Punta Cana Grand Slam. This event, which will feature the participation of the best pelotaris, promises to offer a unique show until July 6. The final, which will be held on July 16, will coincide with Carmen's Day and will be broadcast by ETB.

Markina University rolls out its big red carpet in an unprecedented event

The main news of the tournament are the returns of Imanol López and Jean Olharan, who return to the Jai Alai League after almost four months in the glass fronton of Dania Beach. On the opening day, López and Xabier Barandika They will form a powerful combination against Aritz Erkiaga and Jon Zabala, current champions of the All Star Basket. «When they put you with the best defender, there is always a pressure point. We will go out and give it our all,” says Erkiaga.

In the same event, Ion Ibarluzea, gold medalist of the Winter Series and the Iron Cup, will face Johan Sorozabal and Julen del Río alongside Olharan. This competition promises to be intense, with Del Río seeking revenge after the Deportivo final.

Applicants and emotions in the tournament

Ludovic Laduche and Thibault Basque arrive after passing the preliminary phase, leaving behind competitors like Arbe-Atain and Javier-Danel. Among the candidates are also Alex Goitiandia and Gorka Sorozabal, young promises with great expectations. Additionally, the July 16 festival will include a women's challenge, adding more excitement to the event.

«We have to take advantage of the fact that we are sweet to do a good job. Markina is a special fronton, where people understand a lot about baseball and are very demanding., declares Erkiaga, who has won seven of the eight Jai Alai League titles. For his part, Ibarluzea expresses his enthusiasm for playing at home and putting on a great show.

Subscriptions and tickets now available

Season tickets for the entire Grand Slam are available on the Eraman website! Jai Alai at a price of 62 euros for the five festivals. Starting this Friday, individual tickets can also be purchased, with prices ranging from 12 euros for the first three performances, to 25 euros for the final.

With the start of the Markina-Xemein Grand Slam, the excitement of the professional top basket reaches its highest point, offering an opportunity unique to enjoy a sporting spectacle like no other.

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