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MIR university ranking 2023-24: UPV in the top10

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 18, 2024 | 4:07 p.m.

The University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) stands out in the MIR 2023-24 ranking by positioning itself among the first ten universities, with a 48.01% of their students in the strong group, 48.32% in the medium group and only 3.67% in the weak group. This result reflects the commitment of the UPV/EHU to academic excellence and the quality of its training in Medicine. The institution, recognized for its solid educational program and advanced facilities, continues to be an attractive option for aspiring doctors seeking a comprehensive, high-performance education, thus ensuring adequate preparation to successfully pass the demanding MIR exam.

Top Universities in the Strong Group

  1. Autonomous University of Madrid
    • Strong group: 65.33%
    • Middle group: 32%
    • Weak group: 2.67%
  2. University of Oviedo
    • Strong group: 64.79%
    • Middle group: 30.99%
    • Weak group: 4.23%
  3. University of Navarra
    • Strong group: 58.17%
    • Middle group: 39.42%
    • Weak group: 2.4%

Universities with the Highest Proportion in the Weak Group

  1. Foreign Degree (Non-Community Universities)
    • Strong group: 7.03%
    • Middle group: 47.66%
    • Weak group: 45.31%
  2. Foreign Degree (Community Universities)
    • Strong group: 5.94%
    • Middle group: 37.23%
    • Weak group: 56.83%

General remarks

  • Spanish universities dominate the top positions in terms of percentage of students in the strong group.
  • Foreign universities, both community and non-community, have a higher proportion of students in the weak group.
  • Universities such as the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Oviedo and the University of Navarra stand out for having a high percentage of students in the strong group.

This ranking provides a clear view of the performance of students from different universities in the MIR exam, being an important indicator for future medical students looking for a faculty with good results in this test.

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