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UPV will assume the Social Security of interns

UPV will assume the contribution of interns

Jeickson Sulbaran

January 2, 2024 | 2:00 p.m.

La University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) has made a crucial decision that marks a milestone in the educational landscape and work: assume the contribution of the interns. This change, which is aligned with additional provision 52 of the General Social Security Law, implies that all students in internships, whether paid or unpaid, will be registered with Social Security. This measure, which impacts approximately 14.000 internships managed annually by the university, represents a significant effort to ensure that students meet the requirements necessary to earn their degree.

The new reality of university internships

With this initiative, the UPV / EHU addresses a complex reality head-on. The scholarship recipients will be assimilated to employed workers in the General Social Security Regime, beginning to contribute towards their retirement. This step, although transitory, could mean a before and after in the university experience, redefining the relationship between studies and professional practices. The rector Eva Ferreira underlines the importance of this movement, highlighting the university's commitment to its students, despite the administrative and financial difficulties that it entails.

The measurement is independent of Statute of the Scholar, placing itself within the framework of the pension reform. Its application, initially scheduled for October 2023, was extended until January 2024, providing a margin of adaptation for universities and companies. However, the reluctance of companies to assume their share of contributions has led to the UPV / EHU to take charge of the matter, assuming the fees and the management of registrations and cancellations so that their students can graduate.

An administrative and financial challenge for the UPV

An administrative and financial challenge for the UPV

This decision has not been easy. The UPV/EHU faces the lack of budgetary forecast and the absence of personnel specialized in labor management. Rector Ferreira criticizes the way in which this regulation has been approved, highlighting the lack of dialogue and the administrative burden it represents for the university. Furthermore, she points out the irony that, despite being perceived as slow institutions, universities have responded quickly and agilely to this challenge.

La UPV / EHU He now sees the need to assume a double role: educator and guarantor of the professional practices of his students. ANDThis implies a review of agreements with companies and entities, prioritizing those that assume the contribution of their intern students. The rector expresses her concern about the distinction that this measure generates between students, creating a division between those with curricular practices and others without that benefit.

La university, in the end, has decided to take responsibility for all practices, both curricular and extracurricular, ensuring that its students complete their degrees appropriately. This commitment, although demanding, reflects the adaptability and student-centered approach that characterizes the UPV / EHU.

La decision of the UPV/EHU to assume the contribution of the scholarship holders It is a clear example of its commitment to the education and professional future of its students. Although it presents significant administrative and financial challenges, it also establishes an important precedent in the field of university internships, reaffirming the role of the university as a key actor in the comprehensive training of future professionals.

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