July 13, 2024 | 6:51


VOX puts on a show in Getxo

Jesus Carames

April 13, 2024 | 5:49 p.m.

In Getxo, a municipality traditionally not aligned with Vox policies, the party rally called for noon this Saturday has recorded lower attendance than expected, despite organizational efforts that included buses from Oviedo to increase participation. The local response, however, was predominantly one of rejection, with visible manifestations of opposition such as banners and businesses that decided to lower their blinds as a sign of disagreement.

SAntiago Abascal, president of Vox, interpreted the low participation and protests as a positive sign. In his speech, he mentioned that although few of those present were from Getxo, he valued the effort made. “There are only a handful of Getxotarras among us, but we consider it well spent,” he stated, indicating his satisfaction at the fact that the presence of Vox generated such a reaction.

During the event, there were moments of tension when a group of people, some holding banners reading "Faxistak kanpora" (Fascists out), loudly protested against those attending the rally. This protest culminated in the arrest of a person for throwing an object that hit an ertzaina and two other charges under the Gag Law.

Abascal did not miss the opportunity to criticize the protesters, whom he accused of having supported terrorism in past decades. “I'm glad that our presence bothers you. That they are in front of us is a good sign, it is that we are defending what is right.”, he declared, expressing feeling comforted by the opposition faced.

This event in Getxo joins a series of Vox campaign events that have attracted less attention than on previous occasions, possibly due to the party's decreasing novelty in the political landscape of the Basque Country. A clear example was his campaign kick-off event in the San Francisco neighborhood in Bilbao, which also ended with protests and banging pots and pans while the party leaders left the place.

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