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Yellow warning in Bizkaia: storms and hail this afternoon

Mairenis Gomez

June 18, 2024 | 6:30 pm

Euskalmet warns of a change in weather in the second half of the day, which will extend to Wednesday and Thursday

This afternoon in Bizkaia we face a drastic change in climate. After a calm morning with mild temperatures, which were around 18 degrees early in the morning, change comes. Euskalmet has activated a yellow notice due to intense rainfall that could be accompanied by hail. Starting at noon, storms are expected that will completely change the landscape of the province.

Goodbye to the heat and hello to the rain, temperatures will drop several degrees and the heat will be far away

Temperatures will drop noticeably, moving away from the hot weather we experienced on Monday when the mercury hovered around 30 degrees. The wind, which will initially blow from the south, will become northerly in the morning on the coast and in the afternoon in the interior. This change of direction will contribute to the drop in temperatures and the feeling of freshness that will invade the region.

On Wednesday clouds and clearings will alternate, with some instability during the morning

On Wednesday, instability will persist in Bizkaia. Although the morning will begin with wide clearings, as the day progresses, evolving clouds will appear and stormy showers could occur. However, the probability of these storms will be lower compared to those forecast for Tuesday. The wind will be weak, but it will settle from the north during the morning and will pick up in the afternoon, helping to keep temperatures falling, barely exceeding 20 degrees.

Euskalmet warns of a change in weather in the second half of the day

On Thursday instability will grow again, temperatures will be around 19-21 degrees

On Thursday the situation will not improve. Instability will grow again and temperatures will drop even further, reaching between 19 and 21 degrees throughout the territory of Bizkaia. Throughout the day there will be quite widespread stormy showers, which will affect various areas of the province. This climatic panorama will force citizens to be prepared to face a day of intense rain and thermal decline.

It is crucial that Bizkaia residents pay attention to weather updates and take precautions against storms and possible hail. This change in weather will be a reminder of the unpredictable nature of weather in our region and the importance of always being prepared for the unexpected. Staying informed through official sources such as Euskalmet is essential to guarantee the safety and well-being of everyone.

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