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3 Bilbao residents on the Forbes list of most creative professionals

Jesus Carames

April 17, 2024 | 6:30 p.m.

The Forbes distinction

Once again, the prestigious magazine Forbes has highlighted the most innovative and creative individuals in its annual list, where this year, three Bilbao residents have been recognized for their exceptional contributions in their respective fields. These professionals rub shoulders on the list with figures of international caliber such as C.Tangana y Xabi Alonso, demonstrating that local talent can transcend borders and markets.

The innovators of Bilbao

Gabriel Suarez, Founder of Titans fights, has transformed the artistic scene by combining jewelry with pop art in collaborations that seek to reinterpret works by the great masters. His unique approach has not only revitalized the family-owned Suárez jewelry brand, but has also promoted a new dimension in the appreciation of contemporary art.

Xandra Etxabe, through his initiative Uelz, co-founded with María Luke, has proposed innovative solutions to the problem of collection management for companies. Uelz uses advanced technology to automate and optimize financial processes, demonstrating how creativity can also be successfully applied in the technology and financial sector.

Jose Antonio Perez Ledo is another illustrious Bilbao native who has left his mark in the cultural and educational sphere with programs such as Laika Orbit, Skeptics y City K. His ability to make science accessible and entertaining to the general public has been recognized not only nationally but also internationally.

Cultural and economic boost

The inclusion of these three Bilbao residents on the Forbes list not only underlines their individual achievements, but also reflects Bilbao's vibrant creative and business environment. These leaders are redefining what it means to be a creator in the 21st century, combining passion with innovation to leave a lasting legacy.

These distinctions help strengthen the sense of community and local pride, highlighting Bilbao not only as a center of tradition, but as a hotbed of innovation and creativity on the global scene. The careers of these professionals inspire future generations to pursue their passions with diligence and creativity, potentially taking Bilbao and its creative industries towards new horizons of recognition and success.

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