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Bilbao and its ambitious 2023-2033 culture plan presented in Dublin

The rents on Gran Vía in Bilbao stand out for being among the highest in Spain, reflecting its status and commercial success.

Jesus Carames

December 4, 2023 | 10:59 a.m.

Bilbao City Council, through its Director of Culture, Iñaki López de Aguileta, has left its mark at the V UCLG Culture Summit in Dublin, presenting its innovative Strategic Culture Plan 2023-2033. This ambitious project not only seeks to enhance the cultural wealth of the city, but also to integrate culture as a fundamental pillar in the construction of a sustainable and cohesive society.

A commitment to culture and sustainability

Bilbao's participation in this important global forum reflects its commitment to the inclusion of culture as an essential element in sustainable development. The Dublin Summit, which brings together leaders and experts from around the world, has been the perfect setting for Bilbao to demonstrate how culture can be an engine of social and economic change.

The vision of Bilbao: Culture as a tool for transformation

During his presentation, López de Aguileta emphasized the importance of seeing culture not only as a value in itself, but also as a vital tool for individual and collective development. The Bilbao Strategic Culture Plan 2023-2033 focuses on promoting culture as a common good and democratizing its access to all levels of society.

Six strategic lines for a bright cultural future

Bilbao's cultural program is articulated around six strategic lines, each addressing different aspects of culture: from its role in social cohesion and the transformation of the city, to its contribution to the economy and the creation of an identity and unique cultural brand for Bilbao. These strategic lines are:

  1. Culture as an element of cohesion and social transformation.
  2. Culture as a driver of economic activity.
  3. Attention to the culture value chain.
  4. Identity, image and brand Bilbao, cultural city.
  5. Collaboration as a nuclear element in the development of the Plan.
  6. Publics, audiences and communication.

Cross-cutting axes: Basque, equality, diversity and sustainability

In addition to these strategic lines, the Bilbao plan incorporates four transversal axes that emphasize Basque, equality, diversity and interculturality, and sustainability. These axes reinforce the city's commitment to promoting an inclusive and environmentally friendly culture.

A model of inclusive and participatory culture

Bilbao's Strategic Culture Plan is a model to follow in terms of inclusion and cultural participation. The mission of democratizing access to culture and using it as a tool for sustainable development is a clear example of how cities can lead in creating more integrated and conscious societies.

Bilbao: A global cultural reference

With its presence at the Dublin Summit and the presentation of its plan, Bilbao is positioned as a cultural reference worldwide. The city demonstrates how culture can be a central axis in urban planning and in the construction of a more just and sustainable society.

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