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Bilbao becomes the epicenter of wind innovation with WindEurope 2024

WindEurope 2024

Mairenis Gomez

March 19, 2024 | 5:13 p.m.

Bilbao prepares to host the “WindEurope Annual Event Bilbao 2024” from March 20 to 22

when walking by the streets of Bilbao, one can feel the vibrant energy of a city that is transforming, not only in its architecture but also in its commitment to sustainability and innovation. This year, I have the privilege of experiencing up close one of the most important events for the wind sector, the «WindEurope Annual Event Bilbao 2024». From the heart of the town, I want to share with you what makes this event a turning point for our region and for Europe.

A cutting-edge showcase for the wind industry

The Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) will be the stage where 45 companies under the banner of “Wind Energy Basque Country” and another 10 with their own stands, They will demonstrate why Euskadi is a benchmark in the wind sector. Beyond the figures, which anticipate the attendance of more than 12.000 professionals from around the world, what really fills us with pride is the opportunity to show the world our industrial and technological capabilities.

Strengthening the wind value chain in Euskadi

Half way, The event becomes a hub of knowledge and networking. Thanks to the technical conferences and "Side events" organized by the Energy Cluster, Basque companies have a unique platform to highlight their technological capacity. Its competitive positioning and its presence in international markets. The collaboration with Basque Trade & Investment to facilitate B2B meetings through B2Match underlines our vision of an interconnected and global industry.

A future driven by young talent

Perhaps what excites me most is the focus on emerging talent. The talent program, sponsored exclusively by the Energy Cluster, is not only a commitment to the future of the sector, but also an investment in the young professionals and students who will be the next leaders of this industry. The guided tours for 300 students on the last day of the event symbolize an open door to opportunities and innovation.

Impact and opportunities of WindEurope 2024 for Bilbao and Euskadi

Reflecting on the importance of this event for Bilbao and for Euskadi, it is impossible not to feel optimistic about the future of the wind sector. We are facing a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the world our strengths in a field that is crucial for the global energy transition. Beyond business and technology, the “WindEurope Annual Event Bilbao 2024” is a testament to our community's commitment to a sustainable future.

Furthermore, experiencing this event from the front line, I see how Bilbao becomes not only the host of an international meeting, but also a symbol of innovation and sustainability in the wind sector. We are at a moment of convergence between the industrial tradition of Euskadi and new clean technologies, a crossroads that projects us towards a promising energy future. Wind energy, with its capacity to generate a positive economic and environmental impact, stands as one of the pillars of our commitment to sustainable development.

WindEurope 2024
The technological heart of the wind sector moves to Bilbao

Bilbao leads the change towards sustainability at WindEurope 2024

As a witness and participant in this event, I can only feel pride and anticipation for what is to come. Bilbao, with its history and its future projection, demonstrates once again that it is a city that not only adapts to change, but also leads it. This «WindEurope Annual Event Bilbao 2024» It is not just a meeting of experts and professionals; It is a declaration of intentions from our community to the world, a message of innovation, collaboration and sustainability that resonates from the heart of Euskadi to the four winds.

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