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Bilbao epicenter of dentistry with the world summit of more than 4500 experts

Bilbao becomes the epicenter of dentistry with the world summit of more than 4,500 experts

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 30, 2024 | 9:55 a.m.

The Congress of the Spanish Society of Periodontics brings together oral health professionals to address advances in periodontics and implant therapies

From yesterday until next Saturday, Bilbao hosts the prestigious Congress of the Spanish Society of Periodontology, an event of global relevance that brings together more than 4.500 oral health professionals. This scientific event is one of the most important in the sector and addresses the most advanced concepts and techniques in periodontics and implant therapy. The Promosalud program, a key tool in the early detection of systemic diseases in the dental office

As a prelude to the congress, the first results of the Promosalud program were presented, which seeks to facilitate the early detection of diseases such as diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure in dental consultations. This program aims to refer suspected patients to their referring doctors. Initial results indicate that dentists could identify more than a third of cases of hidden high blood pressure and up to half of undiagnosed prediabetes/diabetes in people who visit these centers.

According to Dr. Eduardo Montero, professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, "The impact in terms of public health of these findings is immense, since early identification makes it possible to establish preventive and therapeutic measures that avoid complications, reducing mortality."

Bilbao becomes the epicenter of dentistry with the world summit of more than 4,500 experts

The first observations made in 733 patients reveal that undiagnosed high blood pressure has been recorded in 37% of cases. In Spain, 40% of people who suffer from hypertension are unaware of their condition. Furthermore, there are more than five million people with diabetes, of which 45% do not know they have it. Studies highlight that half of citizens visit the dentist at least once a year, but many of them do not go to their doctor.

For this reason, as indicated by Patricia Antón, National Head of the Medical Area at Dentaid, "The dental office is a place of health promotion, where certain pathologies can be detected early." «Prevention and work in clinics to improve early detection data is completely aligned with our purpose of promoting and improving the oral health of people at all stages of life, taking into account that this impacts the general health," he added.

Dental clinics as centers for general health promotion

The president of Sepa, José Nart, emphasized the importance of dental clinics and the entire oral health team, including dentists and hygienists, beginning to act as health centers and professionals in the broadest sense of the term. The professional associations of dentists in Euskadi have been actively involved in the Promosalud project.

Agurtzane Meruelo, secretary of the General Council of Dentists, stated that "We are proud to be able to help in an initiative that improves the general health of the population, using our consultations to carry out prevention work as important as the early detection of diabetes and high blood pressure."

For her part, Mónica Muñoz, from the Araba College of Dentists, highlighted that "This initiative highlights the work of the dental clinic team, the care of the general health of the population and, in addition, can serve as support to the public health system in the screening of these two silent pathologies."

In the State there are more than 23.000 dental clinics. Only if each of them could include a dozen patients a year and identify people at risk, the health system could be alerted to more than 200.000 potential cases of diabetes or hypertension.

Early identification as a tool to improve public health

Early identification of patients with hypertension and diabetes allows specific measures to be taken to improve their general health and avoid complications. This also has a positive impact on an economic level.. Furthermore, in Euskadi the Child Care Program was implemented in 1990 which, together with water fluoridation, has made it possible to achieve a privileged situation in terms of the oral health of the population.

Bilbao thus becomes at the epicenter of world dentistry, where experts and professionals meet to exchange knowledge and advances in periodontics and implant therapies. This event not only highlights the importance of oral health, but also its impact on overall health, highlighting the essential role of dentists in the detection and prevention of systemic diseases.

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