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Bilbao will host Food 4 Future and Pick & Pack, fusing innovation in food and packaging

Bilbao will host Food 4 Future and Pick & Pack

Jeickson Sulbaran

December 26, 2023 | 1:47 pm

Bilbao is preparing to be the epicenter of innovation in the food and packaging sector with the simultaneous celebration of Food 4 Future Expo Foodtech and Pick & Pack in April 2024. This fusion of events promises to turn the city into a unique platform which will present the most innovative solutions in foodtech and food packaging. Food 4 Future, in its fourth edition, will focus on promoting the Foodtech 6.0 revolution, offering a showcase of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and cybersecurity for the food industry.

This combination of events represents an unprecedented opportunity for the sector, allowing professionals to explore the latest in technological innovations and market trends. The Foodtech Expo It will have more than 250 exhibiting companies and a conference with more than 150 hours of inspiring content. The Food 4 Future World Summit It will be a meeting point for world leaders in the sector, addressing the challenges and opportunities of the future of the food industry.

Pick & Pack 2024: a new approach in Bilbao

Pick & Pack, after its success in Madrid, moves to Bilbao to complement the offer of Food4Future. This event will focus on logistics and packaging in the food industry, areas of great relevance and with a considerable volume of business. The director of Pick & Pack, Marina Uceda, highlights the importance of focusing this edition on the food industry, given its significant influence on logistics and packaging.

La Pick & Pack edition in 2024 promises to be a forum for discussion and analysis on sustainability, legislative changes and food security, attracting more than 180 experts. In addition, two specialized conferences will be held, focusing on the most relevant challenges and advances in these sectors.

Implications and benefits of these events for Bilbao and the sector

La confluence of Food 4 Future and Pick & Pack in Bilbao It is not just a large-scale event; It is a reflection of the city's commitment to innovation and economic development. This initiative demonstrates Bilbao's capacity to be a point of reference in the food and packaging industry at a national and international level.

The simultaneous realization of Food 4 Future and Pick & Pack in Bilbao in 2024 It is an event that marks a before and after in the food and packaging sector. These events will offer a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and innovations, strengthening Bilbao's position as a leading city in the promotion of technology and sustainability in the food industry.

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