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Bilbao will host the GEM conference on global entrepreneurship in 2025

Bilbao will host the GEM conference on global entrepreneurship in 2025

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 20, 2024 | 12:30 p.m.

Bilbao has emerged as the city chosen to host the GEM Entrepreneurship Monitor Global 2025 conference, an event of great importance in the global entrepreneurship. This decision, announced in the context of the presentation of the GEM Global Report 2023/2024 in Morocco, is not only a recognition of the city but also of the entire region of Euskadi. The joint support of Bilbao City Council, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, the Basque Government and the collaboration of SPRI, has been instrumental in achieving this milestone.

La Bilbao candidacy, presented by the EEB-OVE Basque Entrepreneurship Observatory (GEM País Vasco), stood out for several key factors. One of them is the recognition of Euskadi as an outstanding entrepreneurial ecosystem, leading the state ranking and equating itself with high-caliber regions such as the United States. This assessment is based on more than 20 years of rigorous and committed research by the EEB-OVE team, supported by the three Basque universities.

A growing entrepreneurial ecosystem

Bilbao Not only does it stand out for its solid entrepreneurial ecosystem, but also for its position in the Top 10 of the best European cities for foreign investment. This ability to attract foreign investment is a reflection of the strength and attractiveness of Bilbao as a business and entrepreneurship hub. The designation of Bilbao as the venue for GEM 2025 isTherefore, a recognition of its growing importance on the global map of entrepreneurship and an opportunity to further strengthen its position.

La GEM 2025 conference in Bilbao It will not only be an event to discuss trends and strategies in the field of entrepreneurship, but also a catalyst to attract entrepreneurial talent from different parts of the world. This call effect will not only benefit Bilbao and Bizkaia, but to the entire Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, promoting international collaboration and the consolidation of the region as a key territory for global undertakings.

GEM's impact on the global landscape

In 2025 Bilbao will host the prestigious GEM conference

El Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) It is much more than a consortium; It is a beacon in entrepreneurship research worldwide. With over 24 years of data and analysis, GEM provides a unique and valuable perspective on global business dynamics. The active participation of teams like the GEM País Vasco is vital to understanding and adapting to constantly evolving business trends.

El GEM 2025 event in Bilbao It promises to be an enriching meeting point for academics, experts and entrepreneurs, offering a space for the exchange of ideas, experiences and strategies. The conference will not only strengthen Bilbao's position on the global entrepreneurship stage, but will also drive innovation and collaboration throughout the region.

La choice of Bilbao as the venue for the GEM 2025 conference It is a clear indicator of the dynamism and relevance of the city and Euskadi in the global entrepreneurship panorama. This event will be a platform to show the world the strengths of Bilbao and its region, and to continue building a future where entrepreneurship and innovation are the pillars of development and progress.

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