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Carmen Hijosa transforms pineapples into luxury from Bilbao

Jesus Carames

December 17, 2023 | 12:31 pm

Carmen Hijosa Piñatex: Mode with sustainability and social commitment

In the world of luxury and fashion, Carmen Hijosa stands out as a key figure in sustainable innovation. This Asturian has achieved the unthinkable: transform pineapple leaves into an alternative fabric to leather, thus revolutionizing the fashion industry. Through her company Ananas Anam, Carmen has created Piñatex, a sustainable and ecological material that is already used by big brands such as Chanel, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith, as well as retail giants such as Nike, H&M and Zara.

From Bilbao to the Philippines: A journey of entrepreneurship and commitment

Carmen Hijosa began her career in Ireland, where she founded a leather accessories company with great international success. However, her awareness of sustainability and her environmental impact led her to rethink her career. During a stay in the Philippines, Carmen Ella was shocked to learn of the human and environmental impact of leather manufacturing. This experience was the starting point for a radical change in her life and professional career.

With a focus on natural fibers, Carmen specialized in textile design in Dublin and, back in the Philippines, discovered the potential of pineapple leaves. Piñatex was born as an ecological and ethical alternative to leather, using natural resources and providing employment opportunities in disadvantaged communities in the Philippines.

Piñatex: The material that conquered sustainable fashion

Piñatex has become a revolutionary material, using fibers derived from pineapple leaves, an agricultural byproduct that would otherwise be discarded. This innovative material is not only sustainable, but also ethical, since its production does not require fertilizers, large amounts of water or pesticides. Furthermore, the Piñatex collection and production process provides fair employment to the poorest communities in the Philippines, making a positive difference in their lives.

Carmen Hijosa, although she no longer directly directs Ananas Anam, remains an inspiring figure on the path towards a more conscious and humane fashion. Her vision and work have shown that it is possible to unite luxury, sustainability and social commitment in the fashion industry.

A call to conscience in the fashion industry

Carmen Hijosa's work is a clear example of how innovation can be a driver for positive change. Her focus on sustainability and transparency has set a new standard in the industry, proving that it is possible to be profitable and ethical at the same time. She urges consumers to be more conscious of their purchasing decisions and business owners to reflect on their impact on the world.

Carmen Hijosa has marked a before and after in fashion, showing that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. Her legacy, Piñatex, continues to conquer the world of fashion, demonstrating that innovation and commitment to the planet are the key to a more sustainable and fair future.

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