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Sustainability in focus at the 62nd Congress of Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry in Bilbao

Jesus Carames

May 19, 2023 | 2:30 p.m.

El 62nd Congress of Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry prepares to set sail in Bilbao, from May 24 to 26. This year, the event focuses on the technological drive for sustainable development, attracting experts from the defense, merchant shipping, fishing and offshore wind industries. The Spanish monarch signs up for the act.

An event of global reach

Organized by the Association of Naval and Ocean Engineers of Spain, the Congress already has the confirmation of 65 renowned speakers. They will contribute their expert vision on the Technological promotion of sustainable development in the naval and maritime sector, in an appointment that this year increases its international projection.

Key issues on the horizon

The provisional program is divided into four areas of specialization: Merchant, passenger and special vessels; Defending; Offshore Wind and Fishing. These topics will be broken down in 22 blocks of presentations by leading experts and in 7 round tables.

Aspects such as R+D+i in the naval Defense industry, the future of the fishing fleet and its necessary technological renewal, and the strategies of fleets and shipping companies in the face of the energy transition will be delved into. The opportunity that offshore wind energy represents for Spain will also be addressed and the challenges and job opportunities for naval engineers will be analysed.

Recognition of excellence

Within the framework of the Congress, the NSAID Awards to the Best Company or Institution related to the Maritime Sector; to the Best Company or Institution in relation to the profession; and the AINE Special Prize, which may be awarded to outstanding natural or legal persons due to their links with the AINE and the industry. In addition, the "End of Master's Projects" Prize will be awarded, in order to recognize and encourage the work done by students in this field.

This Congress represents a unique opportunity to analyze the challenges and opportunities of the naval and maritime industry, and its crucial role in the transition towards a more sustainable future.

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