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Uniport promotes the logistics connection between Bilbao and Navarra

Uniport promotes the logistics connection between Bilbao and Navarra

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 2, 2024 | 12:30 p.m.

In an era where globalization and interconnection between regions are more important than ever, Uniport's initiative to bring the port of Bilbao closer to Navarra represents a significant step towards a more integrated and efficient future in terms of logistics and trade. This information day in Pamplona not only highlighted the capabilities and Basque port services, but also opened a vital channel of communication and collaboration with Navarrese shippers.

The port of Bilbao, with its annual traffic that exceeds 30 million tons, is positioned as a key piece in the logistics board of northern Spain. But why is this day so relevant for Navarrese exporters and importers? The answer lies in the proximity and opportunities that the port offers. Imagine having direct access to a logistics hub that connects with 157 countries and 840 ports around the world. This is not only a saving in terms of time and resources, but also an open door to new market possibilities.

The advantages of integrated and multimodal logistics with Uniport in Bilbao

Uniport promotes the logistics connection between Bilbao and Navarra

Uniport's presentation was not limited to showing the facilities; it went much further. It was a demonstration of how the port of Bilbao can be a strategic ally for Navarra's foreign trade. Logistics services and multimodal alternatives that offer not only efficiency, but also sustainability were highlighted. This is the new era of logistics: one where different modes of transport are combined to optimize processes, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact.

The day also served to highlight the importance of transoceanic connections and the role of the port of Bilbao as a bridge between Atlantic Europe, Africa, America and the Eastern Mediterranean. For Navarrese shippers, this represents an invaluable opportunity to expand their commercial horizons and explore new markets. Furthermore, the fact that 70% of Uniport's partners have an international presence and 60% have their own offices abroad speaks of a global support and knowledge network that can be decisive for the success of its operations.

A vision towards a more integrated and efficient logistics future

But what really makes this initiative special? It is the vision of the future, the search for more connected and efficient logistics. In a world where speed and adaptability are increasingly key, having an ally like the port of Bilbao is an invaluable resource. This day was not only an informative event; It was a step towards a future where Navarra and Bilbao work together for mutual and sustainable development.

The conference organized by Uniport in Pamplona is a clear example of how teamwork and strategic vision can open new doors and create opportunities for everyone. The port of Bilbao is not just a point on the map; It is an engine of growth and a vital link in the logistics chain of our region. And with initiatives like this, we are one step closer to a more connected and prosperous future.

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